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Sunken Treasure

An underwater location

For other uses, see Underwater Locations.

Underwater Locations are locations within bodies of water in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Underwater locations can be hard to find, but Skyrim does possess several of these. Swimming is also safer than in past games as Horkers and Mudcrabs are limited to the shorelines and Slaughterfish are relatively rare.

Lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water in SkyrimEdit

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Quests that involve waterEdit

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Underwater chest locationsEdit

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Underwater entrances to locationsEdit

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  • Fort Neugrad – The small lake behind the fort hides a secret underwater entrance.
  • The Katariah – Can only be boarded by swimming to the anchor chain.
  • Robber's Gorge – Can enter a secret dock area beneath the camp by way of the nearby river.
  • Wreck of the Brinehammer – Dive beneath the beached ship and come up inside through a hole in the hull.
  • Fort Greymoor – behind the fort is a stream leading to a drain that goes within the fort.


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