Unenchanted Destruction Staff is a weapon found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. It can be enchanted by using the Staff Enchanter after completing the quest "Reluctant Steward."


This unenchanted staff can be bought from Neloth in Tel Mithryn.


It can be enchanted into the following staves when combined with heart stones, provided the corresponding spell is known:

Staff Spell Heart Stones
Staff of Chain Lightning Chain Lightning 3
Staff of Fireballs Fireball 3
Staff of Firebolts Firebolt 2
Staff of Flames Flames 1
Staff of Frostbite Frostbite 1
Staff of Ice Spikes Ice Spike 2
Staff of Ice Storms Ice Storm 3
Staff of Icy Spear Icy Spear 4
Staff of Incineration Incinerate 4
Staff of Lightning Bolts Lightning Bolt 2
Staff of Sparks Sparks 1
Staff of Thunderbolts Thunderbolt 1
Staff of the Flame Wall Wall of Flames 4
Staff of the Frost Wall Wall of Frost 4
Staff of the Storm Wall Wall of Storms 4


  • If an unenchanted staff is equipped to the left hand, it can be used to block.
  • Bashing with an unenchanted staff in the left hand may deal the full damage of a one-handed weapon in the right hand.


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