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Camonna Tong Thug

Camonna Tong Thug

The following are some unique NPCs in Cyrodiil.

Adoring FanEdit

If the Hero is the Grand Champion of the Arena, the Adoring Fan will ask to follow you. They can pickpocket him without getting a bounty, but his disposition will lower, which cannot be raised back up. When you kill him, he will respawn in a couple of days.

Camonna Tong ThugEdit

There are two Camonna Tong Thugs in northeastern Cyrodiil, residing at Walker Camp. The Camonna Tong is a prominent faction in Morrowind, the home province of the Dunmer.

M'aiq the LiarEdit

M'aiq the Liar is a Khajiit found wandering between Leyawiin and Anvil. He has an erratic schedule, always moves at a full run, and has tremendous speed, making him extremely difficult, if not impossible to find other than through pure chance.

Once found in Vvardenfell (the main island in Morrowind), he has apparently moved to Cyrodiil, and seems to have a better grip on truth. He doesn't lie so much as offer his opinion on them. Every so often he goes on five-hour hunts for calipers. He primarily complains about certain anticipated features that were not included in Oblivion--fishing, werewolves, companions, levitation, etc. (He does not complain about their absence, he complains about the features themselves--as in, "Why would anyone want to levitate?") Thus, he is mostly an easter egg.

Morag Tong AssassinEdit

The Morag Tong Assassin is included in the Mehrunes' Razor plug-in, in a Jail cell. If one choose to free him, he will wander Cyrodiil, before standing permanently outside the Inn of Ill Omen and will fight the Imperial Legion Forester stationed there. It seems that he has a bounty and will be hunted by guards. It also seems that he actually acts as an assassin and has been known to kill Countess Alessia Caro in the woods. He carries a leveled dagger, and leveled enchanted Leather Armor. At level 30+, the Morag Tong gloves grant the wearer Detect Life 100ft, rivaling the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.

Porkchop the BoarEdit

Porkchop the Boar is a valiant pig the Hero will ally with in an Arena match in the Imperial City. His fighting skills are unparalleled by any other Boar in the game, and while his nobility knows no bounds, at higher levels he at best serves mostly to tie up a combatant for a few moments, giving you the freedom to deal with more immediate dangers.

The Sunken OneEdit

The Sunken One is a storm atronach the Hero will face during the end of the quest The Sunken One. It can be found in Sandstone Cavern, located a short distance east-northeast of Kvatch.