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The Unique Dwemer Artifact is a unique heavy gauntlet and a quest item in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Also known as Wraithguard.[1] It is the other version of Wraithguard that can be obtained if the Nerevarine decides to kill Vivec. Which will activate the quest Yagrum Bagarn and Wraithguard.




The enchantments must be activated by Yagrum Bagarn, then the effects are constant on self:


  • It is a left hand guantlet, as opposed to the other Wraithguard, which is a right hand gauntlet, obtained as a gift from Vivec during Hortator and Nerevarine.
  • There is no quests, nor journal entry, nor dialogues leading to it.
  • It is possible to obtain both Wraithguards by killing Vivec after receiving the original Wraithguard and then looting the second from his body.



  1. Dialogue with Yagrum Bagarn

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