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Unmarked Locations are places that are not marked as icons on the world map upon discovery. There are many places on the world map that are unmarked but contain treasure chests, items, or interesting characteristics that can be easily missed by the wandering adventurer.

Burnt-Down TowerEdit

Located on an island south of Fort Irony on an island in the Niben River, connected to the mainland by a wooden bridge, stands the burnt ruins of a tower. Inside the tower ruins are a sack of grain and a chest containing gold. There are also 2 samples of Nirnroot nearby, one on the island itself and the second across the bridge on the mainland.

Original All Things AlchemicalEdit

Southeast of the Imperial city by the Red Ring Road is a burnt down building. It bears the same sign as the shop of the same name in Skingrad owned by Falanu Hlaalu, presumably a shop she opened before moving to Skingrad, though she will not mention it in conversation. Inside are two chests containing gold and minor loot, two Potions of Insulation, one Strong Potion of Insulation, and two barrels containing random alchemical ingredients.

Skingrad GraveyardEdit

North of Derelict Mine and north of Skingrad lies a small, fenced-off graveyard. After completing Dagon Shrine, an Oblivion Gate may open in the graveyard, which will destroy several tombstones and force several coffins to the surface.

The Dark GroveEdit

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Wrecked ShipEdit

A wrecked ship can be found on the shores of the Abecean Sea on the Gold Coast, north northwest of Beldaburo. Though the ship cannot be entered, there is a chest containing minor loot near it, along with a Nirnroot nearby.