The Mushroom Trees that produce the Unrefined Greenmote grow throughout the Shivering Isles in two distinct types. A mushroom tree is a bright plant with green edges surrounding an orange tip and earth-toned spots across the cap. As a sapling the mushroom tree (Mania) produces harvestable, unrefined greenmote.


Unrefined Greenmote is a powerful ingredient for poisoners as it has only negative effects. In the youth of the mushroom the greenmote must be harvested directly from the plant, in maturity however the ingredient is unable to be harvested.

The refined version of this ingredient is greenmote. It is only found in the Greenmote Silo, a cave hidden beneath the palace grounds in New Sheoth. The Silo can only be accessed during and after the "Ritual of Mania" quest.


  • Unrefined greenmote is a companion ingredient for nirnroot and is one of the rare few that can be used with it to make strong poisons.