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Unused Characters are all Non-Player Characters that were created for Morrowind and/or expansion packs, but not implemented into the game. Some characters are found in test cells, while others merely exist in the files.


Unused characters
Admiral Rolston Admiral Rolston is a Breton mage and test character. He can only be found at the test cell ToddTest, using the console command COC ToddTest. Admiral Rolston
Cingor BM Cingor was intended to be the original character for M'nashi, this however, was changed prior to the release of the add-on.

He is a Bosmer instead of a Khajiit and would have been the assistant of Grandfather Frost and help him produce Moon Sugar.

Cingor MW
Cinia Urtius Cinia does not appear in the unpatched version of the game but later patches sometimes place her on the docks at Tel Fyr. confirmation needed Cinia Urtius
Grandfather Frost BM Grandfather Frost was intended to be the original character for Uncle Sweetshare, this however, was changed prior to the release of the add-on, as he was considered to be much too similar to Santa Claus. Grandfather Frost Morrowind
Kili the Long BM Kili the Long is a Nord Nightblade in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon that can only be spawned using the console. Kili the Long
Lord Cluttermonkey Lord Cluttermonkey is an Argonian who can be found via console commands in the test cell: Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!. Lord Cluttermonkey
Pretty Kitty Pretty Kitty is a Khajiit warlock found within the testing cell ToddTest. Pretty Kitty
Todd's Super Tester Guy Todd's Super Tester Guy is a Dunmer guard, and a high-ranking member of the Blades. He was used to test various aspects of gameplay and character interactions during Morrowind's development. Todd is located in the ToddTest area, which is not accessible during regular gameplay. Todd's Super Tester Guy
Ulwaen Ulwaen is a Bosmer member of the Imperial Legion. He does not appear in the game or even in any of the testing cells. He can only be made to appear with the use of console commands. Ulwaen