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Unused Characters, also known as Test NPCs, are non-playable characters that were created for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion but not implemented into the final version of the game. Some characters are found in test cells, while others merely exist in the files. A few characters have unique dialogue.


Name Description Image
Alban Corinis A test character found in three Test Cells. He is an Imperial wearing Elven Armor. Corinis is also the character used in promotional screenshots. He is found in ToddTest, bottom floor of ToddTestCrazy, ToddTestForestTavern in Toddland. Alban Corinis
Alban Justinius An Imperial wearing Elven armor. He shares the same name with Alban Corinis, but a different last name and facial features. Alban Justinius
Arkana An Imperial found in the TestRangedDungeon of the Hall of Combat. Arkana
Belgarr An Imperial. Belgarr
Bendu Olo The filler name for the Hero of Kvatch player character. TESIV Character Bendu Olo
Boromir A Nord wearing Ebony armor found in zClothesTest. Boromir
Brooke A nude Dunmer woman found in zClothesTest. Brooke
Bruce Multiple idential Imperials, only differing by certain attributes. They always wear blindfolds, but with Knights of the Nine installed they wear the Relics of the Crusader. Bruce
Caldwyn Found in CaldwynsDomain of Hawkhaven. Caldwyn
Count Tyrone Rugen Found in the Combat AI Warehouse, in the Hall of Combat. Count Tyrone Rugen
Denyiir A trainer and armorer with disposition testing dialogue found in the AI Testing Warehouse. Denyiir
derek A naked Argonian man. TESIV Character Derek
Dewey Decimal An Imperial found in a part of the Frostcrag Spire that was intended to be inaccessible. He can be met using an exploit, or by teleporting to him. Another version of him also appears in TestHackdirt in TestGragtown, Hawkhaven, and a few other locations. Dewey Decimal
Genghis A naked Dremora. He is the only Dremora that wears no armor or clothes. Genghis
Genghis Clad A Dremora wearing Daedric armor. Genghis Clad
Hawkeye A Bosmer found in the TestRangedDungeon. Hawkeye
Hlaro Dren A naked blindfolded man of varying race. Hlaro Dren
Inigo Montoya Found in the Combat AI Warehouse. Inigo Montoya
IMMale IMMale
Kill Me A stationary blindfolded man in TestAlan. When activated, he grows twice as large. When killed, a notification appears saying "You killed me!". TESIV Character Kill Me
Lonely Man A blindfolded man sleeping in the AI Testing Warehouse. TESIV Character Lonely Man
Lord Genghis A Dremora wearing Daedric armor. Lord Genghis
Lynda Carter A Nord test character based off Lynda Carter, one of the voice actors of the game. Found in ToddTestForestTavern in Toddland. Lynda Carter (Oblivion)
Night Child A child of the Night Mother that was intended to wander inside her Crypt. He never made it into any locations, but can be spawned in. Night Child
Oleed-Ei An Argonian member of the Blackwood Company. Oleed-Ei
Prince Humperdinck An Altmer found in the Combat AI Warehouse. Prince Humperdinck
Ris Fralmoton An Imperial ostler who worked at the Bit and Bridle, before it became Red Diamond Jewelry. Ris Fralmoton
Shows-His-Arrow-Quickly An Imperial found in the TestRangedDungeon. Shows-His-Arrow-Quickly
Spook TESIV Test Spook
Thulsa Doom An Imperial found walking in the Pathgrid Testing Warehouse. Thulsa Doom
Wallace A Redguard travelling with Hides-His-Heart who was intended to be a Dark Brotherhood target. Wallace
I walk up and down stairs Found in the Fighting Dojo, in the Hall of Combat. TESIV Character I walk
JugglerSI A member of the scrapped Vampire Race found in SEWaitingRoom. Juggler
TestHair TESIV Test TestHair
TestKKWoman TestKKWoman
TestScreenshotWoman TESIV Test ScreenshotWoman
TestTakeCoverFighter1 An Imperial wearing Legion and Iron armor. TestTakeCoverFighter1
TestTakeCoverFighter2 A nude Altmer and Bosmer. All are found in the Hall of Combat. TESIV Test TakeCover
TestTakeCoverCaster1 A nude Altmer. TestTakeCoverCaster1
TestTakeCoverCaster2 A nude Bosmer. TESIV Test TakeCover2
Test Vendor NPC TESIV Character Test Vendor
Todd's Tester Man A naked Altmer found in the corner of ToddTestCrazy. Todd's Tester Man
Uses Fortify A naked Altmer found in the corner of ToddTestCrazy. TESIV Test Uses Fortify
Uses Summon A female Redguard in the WarehouseNPCBuff part of the Hall of Combat. Uses Summon
Uses Bound A female Dunmer found in WarehouseNPCBuff of the Hall of Combat. TESIV Test Used Bound
Vamp Chow A blindfolded Imperial in TestVampireInterior who sleeps in the beds. Vamp Chow
Widehead An Imperial wearing guard armor. Widehead
Will Fight Always, Never Flee Found in the Fighting Dojo. TESIV Test Will Fight
Will flee when losing Found in the Fighting Dojo. TESIV Character Will flee
Woman 15 An Imperial woman found in ToddTest and ToddTestCrazy. Woman 15
Women 25 A naked blindfloded woman found in TestToddCrazy. Women 55
Women 35 Women 35
Women 45 A middle-aged woman found in ToddTest and ToddTestCrazy. Women 45
Women 55 Women 55
Women 65 An elderly woman found in ToddTest and ToddTestCrazy. Women 65

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