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Update 6 is the largest major game update for The Elder Scrolls Online, and was released on March 3, 2015. It is the largest update ever to be released for the game, and the update is the size of two normal updates in one.

The sixth major update contains a complete overhaul of the Veteran System known as the Champion System, the all-new Justice System which allows players to commit in-game crime, a revamp of Provisioning and many changes to combat, among thousands of other improvements.

The update is roughly 20-25GB in size.

Patch Notes:

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.6, our sixth and largest major content update thus far! We have many significant new features in store for you.

In this update, we've added the first phase of the Justice System. This will allow you to commit criminal actions throughout Tamriel such as theft, burglary, pickpocketing and murdering NPCs. We've also implemented the third phase of the Champion System, which introduces Champion Points and an entirely new UI where you can use these points to unlock passive abilities. We encourage you to check out the details below to learn how both these systems will work.

Accompanying the Champion System are gameplay improvements, fixes, and rebalancing. This will alter the way you've previously played as every ability has been amended in some fashion, differences in armor are more pronounced, critical attack and defense are handled differently, and the scale of numbers across the board has changed.

You will also notice that there is a new notification when you first log into the PTS asking which country you're playing the game in. If you're in a non-PEGI country, you will go straight to the game. If you're in a PEGI country, there will be new legal text explaining that the rating for the game has changed, and you will need to either accept or decline this change to continue.

Additional new features include the highly-anticipated Provisioning revamp, plus the new Collections UI, improved combat animations, and changes to the Trials Leaderboards. In addition, we have tons of fixes and improvements to all other aspects of the game. We look forward to reading your feedback about everything!


Justice SystemEdit

  • Justice has come to Tamriel! The Justice System includes a number of new and exciting features that you can read more about below.
  • Theft
    • You may now steal from the citizens of Tamriel. You can choose to steal any owned item, just as you would any un-owned item.
    • A red "steal" prompt appears over any owned item to ensure you know the difference.
    • You can make theft more personal by sneaking up behind citizens and picking their pockets. When you get within range, a prompt will appear letting you know if you are in position and how difficult it will be to successfully pickpocket.
  • Breaking and Entering
    • Certain homes are now owned. These houses will have locked doors with prompts displaying the names of their respective homeowners.
    • Interacting with these doors will allow you to attempt to pick the lock.
  • Safeboxes
    • There are high-value safeboxes scattered throughout the world. These tend to be closely watched, but the reward for successfully pilfering them is great.
  • Assault and Murder
    • You can now directly attack and kill most citizens of Tamriel. Once you have committed murder, you will be able to loot items from the victim's corpse.
    • Note that you may not get an item from a murdered NPC every time.
  • Citizen Reactions
    • Citizens of Tamriel will now react to your unlawful actions. Their reactions vary depending on their individual personalities, but keep in mind that stealing from a citizen may end up getting you more than you bargained for.
  • Consequences
    • Unlawful actions have repercussions if witnessed. The stealth eye conveys whether or not you are hidden from view. If you are hidden, your crimes will have no repercussions.
    • If you commit a crime and are witnessed, you will gain a Bounty, which is displayed in the Bounty Meter at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Once you gain a Bounty, guards will pursue or attack you, and citizens may refuse to speak with you.
    • Guards will attempt to extract justice from you whenever you have a Bounty. The level of Bounty determines their level of aggression. The segments of the Bounty Meter directly correlate with these levels.
      • At the first level, "Disreputable", guards will generally leave you alone unless you walk right up to them.
      • At the second level, "Notorious", guards will pursue you and enlist the help of other guards to catch you and extract your Bounty.
      • At the final level, "Fugitive", they only want to kill you. If you are at the "Fugitive" level you must either wait for your Bounty to decay naturally or find a Fence if you wish to pay off your Bounty.
      • When a guard kills you, they will confiscate any stolen items and deduct gold from your bounty. Note that gold will never be taken from your bank.
  • Crouching/Stealth
    • Small improvements were made to stealth. The word "hidden" now always appears underneath the eye reticule while you're undetected. Previously, the eye being partially open could indicate that you were going into or coming out of a hidden state, but now you'll always know for sure when no one sees you.
  • Benefits
    • The most direct benefits from theft come from the items you steal. These items are marked as stolen in your inventory and have various restrictions – specifically, you cannot bank, trade, or sell these items except to a Fence.
    • There is a new criminal skill line in the "World" category, dubbed "Legerdemain", whose components are improved by fencing items, successfully pickpocketing, and successfully lockpicking. Increasing these skills will markedly increase your ability to live beneath the law.
    • You can only sell stolen items to a Fence. Fences are located in Outlaws Refuge, which can be found behind marked doors in large cities. Outlaws Refuge entrances appear on the city map using the Outlaw icon (a splayed trident.)
    • Fences can also launder items if you find something you wish to keep. Once an item is laundered, it is no longer marked as stolen and cannot be confiscated by the guards.
      • Note that there is a daily transaction limit with Fences, as they don't want to generate too much unwanted attention from the authorities.

Champion SystemEdit

  • The Champion System is a new progression and development system that is designed to allow even more choice in how you build your high-level characters.
  • The Champion System is available once you have one Veteran Rank 1 character on your account,and provides significant enhancements to character development while you are progressing through Veteran Ranks.
  • Champion Points are account wide. When one Veteran Rank character on an account earns a Champion Point, every character on the account will receive a point to use, regardless of level.
    • Only Veteran Rank characters can earn points to be spent in the Champion System, but all characters on your account can spend those points individually.
    • The account-wide pool of points is not shared across characters. Each character on the account has their own unique pool that can be spent in a way that's tailored to that specific character.
  • Champion Points are earned by gaining experience; any Veteran Rank character can earn Champion Points by doing anything in the game that generates experience.
    • This includes questing, exploring dungeons, conquering Cyrodiil, braving the challenges of Trials and Dragonstar Arena, clearing delves in search of loot, or just randomly killing monsters for fun and profit.
  • A new mechanic, Enlightenment, has also been introduced to the game.
    • Enlightenment slowly accumulates on your account at a fixed rate, regardless of the character you are playing, as long as your account has at least one Veteran Rank character.
    • Anything that normally awards experience will also give you bonus experience as long as you have not used up your Enlightenment.
      • This only applies towards Champion Point progression.
      • This bonus experience does not apply towards increasing your level, Veteran Rank, or improving any weapon skills.
    • As experience is earned and bonus Champion experience is applied, your Enlightenment will get used up. Once there is no more Enlightenment left, experience earned will count towards Champion point progression at the normal rate.
  • Champion Points can be spent in nine different constellations that are arranged into three groups: the Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief.
    • Each point that is unlocked will be for one of those three groups.
    • A point that is earned in the Warrior can only be spent in one of the three constellations that serve the Warrior. The same goes for the Mage and the Thief.
    • Every point that you can spend in a constellation will rotate with each earned point.
      • For example, if the last point earned was in the Thief, then the next point will be in the Mage, and the next in the Warrior, then the circle will begin again.
    • While there are many abilities in each of the three constellation groups, the groups each have a general theme.
      • Points spent in the Warrior will improve your health and overall defensive capabilities.
      • Points spent in the Thief will improve your stamina and provide an array of useful utility bonuses.
      • Points spent in the Mage will enhance Magicka and provide bonuses to offense and damage dealing.
    • A maximum of 100 points can be spent per star in each constellation.
      • The first point in each star will grant the largest bonus, and each subsequent point in that star will offer a slightly smaller bonus.
    • More powerful passive bonuses unlock once 10 points, 30 points, 75 points, and 120 points have been spent in a constellation. In all, there are 36 of these unlockable bonuses that you can earn over time. These bonus include some of the most powerful enhancements available via the Champion System, including:
      • Determination: Gain a damage shield when using a potion.
      • War Mount: Mounts do not lose stamina when you are not in combat.
      • Arcane Well: Killing an enemy causes them to explode and grant magicka to nearby allies.
      • Last Stand: Earn more Ultimate when below 20% health.
  • Any Veteran Rank character that logs in after the system goes live will get 5 Champion Points added to the account for each full Veteran Rank that character has achieved.
    • Partial credit will be given for XP earned within a Veteran Rank. This is based on a fraction of the total XP contained within the level. One Veteran Rank is currently 1,000,000XP, so the conversion system will grant you one Champion Point for every 200,000XP within a Veteran Rank.
      • For example, if you are Veteran Rank 12 and have 800,000XP progress towards Veteran Rank 13, you will receive 59 Champion Points after the system goes live.
      • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Only the conversion system will use 200,000XP for one Champion Point the day the system goes live in Update 6. This is not what it will take to earn a Champion Point while playing normally once the Champion System is live.
      • It is possible that a Veteran Rank 1 character may not have earned 200,000XP into Veteran Rank 1. In this case, you will not receive a Champion Point after the system goes live.
    • Champion Points are shared across all characters as the system is account wide, but for the conversion of XP to Champion Points, no more than 70 Champion Points will be given to an account.
    • A VR14 character can receive up to 70 Champion Points depending on how much XP into VR14 they are, but 70 is the maximum the conversion system will give out for the account.
    • If you have multiple Veteran Rank characters, you will receive credit for each Veteran Rank upon logging into each character (provided the account has not reached 70 Champion Points given out in the conversion).
    • Only currently existing characters created before Update 6 goes live are eligible to claim points from the conversion pool. Once they are claimed, they will move into an account-wide Champion pool that all characters can use. You must have at least one Veteran Rank character in order to receive Champion Points from this conversion pool to your account.
    • The 70 Champion Points from the conversion pool will never get more points added to it - only subtracted. If there's a situation where you don't use up all 70 points once the system is live, they will never be used since this only applies to characters you have preceding Update 6.

Game RebalanceEdit

  • With the introduction of the Champion System, the basic attributes that make up characters and monsters have been altered. For the most part, these values work the same way they always have, but now have different values and scales.
    • As an example, Health, Magicka and Stamina each perform the same way they did previously:
      • Health keeps you alive
      • Stamina allows you to block, sneak, dodge and use weapon feats
      • Magicka allows you to cast spells.
    • We updated the ratios on all stats. Items and stats now give 10% more health than magicka and stamina, when they previously gave 50% more.
      • For example, instead of 20 health per level and 15 health per stat pick, you now get 156 health per level and 122 health per stat pick.
  • There are a few stats that now work slightly different:
    • Armor: The amount of mitigation provided by Armor has changed.
      • A piece of Light Armor grants 1/4th of the mitigation of an equivalent piece of Heavy Armor.
      • A piece of Medium Armor grants 3/4th of the mitigation of Heavy Armor.
    • Spell Resistance: Instead of having a base amount of Spell Resistance that grows as you level, Spell Resistance is now provided by Armor on a 1 to 1 basis.
      • For example, if a piece of gear gives you 2000 Armor, it also gives 2000 Spell Resistance.
      • Passive skills in both the Light Armor and Heavy Armor skill lines will modify this ratio.
    • Critical Strike/Spell Critical: Previously, each 10 points of these attributes would give a 1% chance to cause a Critical Hit to their target. This is no longer true and has changed.
      • The amount of Critical Strike/Spell Critical required to get a 1% increased chance to cause a critical hit now increases per level.
      • Precise Weapons that have a lower Required Level than the player character than owns it will provide less actual benefit.
      • A Critical Hit still does 50% greater damage unless modified.
      • You will now have a base Critical Hit chance of 10%.
    • Critical Resistance: This attribute no longer reduces the chance to be hit by a Critical hit.
      • Critical Resistance now reduces the bonus damage caused by a Critical hit, and with enough, can reduce the bonus damage to 0.
      • The amount of Critical Resistance required to completely eliminate the unmodified bonus damage from a Critical hit is 50 * (your Character Level + your Veteran Rank number).
        • For example, a VR14 would be 50 * (50 + 14).
        • As part of the overall rebalance, a certain amount of power in each area was reserved for the Champion System. Completely maxing out any one stat will not only require a lot of work finding or crafting the perfect gear, it will also require a significant investment into a certain star or constellation in the Champion System.

Other Major Gameplay ChangesEdit

  • Synergy abilities now scale off your highest stats that are either stamina or magicka based.
    • Ultimates and Synergy abilities now always scale of your highest Critical Strike stat instead of just your Spell Critical Strike.
    • Abilities that cost magicka will now always scale off your magicka, spell damage, and spell critical strike stats.
    • Abilities that cost stamina will now always scale off your stamina, weapon damage, and weapon critical strike stats.
  • Removed diminishing returns from the game.
  • Rewrote many of the tooltips for combat abilities to increase clarity and add flavor.
  • Removed hard caps on the number of targets that can be affected by area of effect abilities.
    • AoE abilities can now hit up to 60 targets; the first 6 will take 100% damage, the next 24 targets will take 50% damage, and the last 30 targets will take 25% damage.
    • Abilities that apply a secondary effect, such as Caltrops, will only snare the 6 targets who take full damage.
  • Adjusted how Ultimate generation is gained to make it more even across different classes and builds:
    • When you damage an enemy with a light or heavy attack, you will receive a buff that grants three Ultimate per second for eight seconds.
      • This buff is refreshed with each light or heavy attack.
    • If you heal an ally that has the Ultimate gain buff, you will also receive the Ultimate gain buff for eight seconds.
      • This only works if the ally being healed was not at full health prior to the heal.
    • Abilities that previously gave Ultimate will now provide the Minor Heroism buff that will give you additional Ultimate over time.
  • Standardized most of the buffs and debuffs that were applied by abilities.
    • For each buff, there is a Major (larger benefit) and a Minor (smaller benefit) type.
    • In order to make the new, standardized buffs as impactful as possible, these buffs are no longer able to stack with each other. Buffs of different types can all be active at once, but not two of the same buff.
      • For example, you can be affected by both Major Evasion and Major Empower, but not by two separate Major Evasion buffs.
  • Below are the new standardized buffs and their impacts:

Animation UpdatesEdit

  • We have updated and polished all player character animations in both first- and third-person animations, which includes the following:
    • More natural postures and improved timing to combat animations.
    • Improved movement animations to look better overall and significantly reduce foot slip while walking or running.
    • Improved stealth animations.
    • Slightly quicker light and heavy attacks, block, and interrupt animations.
    • Smoother blending between attacks and abilities, particularly those that get interrupted.
    • Light and heavy melee attacks will provide clearer feedback whether they hit or missed.
    • Unique combat stance for Lightning, Restoration, and Fire/Frost staff types.
    • Magical weapons will not persist longer than the ability that creates them. Similarly, equipped weapons and shields will always be visible when they can be used again.
    • Female characters using 2-handed weapons or a bow will no longer have their arms stick to their weapons oddly when blocking or otherwise interrupting an existing animation.

Provisioning RevampEdit

  • All provisioned items and provisioning ingredients, including those already in your inventory, will have automatically been converted to the new Provisioning system. Some ingredients from the old system are no longer used, but can be sold for exactly the purchase price of fresh ingredients.
    • No items or known recipes should have been lost, but please let us know if you find otherwise.
  • The new system no longer uses tiered or Alliance specific ingredients, and instead relies on various combinations of base materials.
    • This reduces potential impact on your bags and banks from provisioning ingredients by up to two-thirds.
  • Recipes for both cooking and brewing have been broken up into seven books each, following more specific lines of product.
    • Each of these represents meals following a general theme of ingredient and buff type.
    • As before, these can be collapsed or expanded within the UI.
    • With foods now organized both by buff type and internal to each book by level, it is much easier to quickly find a specific type of food or drink you wish to prepare.
  • There are now many new recipes in the world, including Veteran Rank 10 food and drink which was previously not available.
  • With the reduced pool of ingredients, at any given time a provisioner should be able to produce a worthy food of nearly any level, with nearly any on-hand ingredients.
  • Drink buffs have been reassessed to render them viable when compared to food buffs.
  • Stale foods formerly found throughout the world are far less common, as the people of Tamriel now have discovered how iceboxes and larders properly work.
  • Stale, cloudy, murky, flat, congealed, and cold foods will no longer appear plated for presentation as meals. Items picked up, purchased, or stolen are simply lower-quality versions of recipe-crafted consumables.
    • This should help with inventory concerns in some cases, as looted food is no longer inventory-competitive with purchased food.
  • Food made with the following ingredients will give you an increase:
    • Meat will increase your health
    • Fruit will increase your magicka
    • Vegetables will increase your stamina
  • Drinks made with the following ingredients will help you regenerate stats:
    • Alcohol regenerates your health
    • Tea regenerates your magicka
    • Tonics regenerate your stamina
  • There are also food and drink additives, which simply add additional variety to the recipes and do not have a mechanical impact on buffs.
    • Recipes involving a single type (not counting additives) are green quality and produce green quality food.
    • Recipes involving two types (not counting additives) are blue quality and produce blue quality food.
    • Recipes involving all three types of base ingredients for are purple quality and produce purple quality food.
  • Ingredients can be acquired from a number of sources:
    • Interactable objects in the world
      • Lootable objects have been updated to provide ingredients they actually represent. For example, when searching a basket of apples, you will find an apple. In searching a bin of corn, you will find corn.
      • Additionally, any pie on a plate can be taken, as can any bowl of stew or bottle of juice, alcohol, or tea. This will result in a white-quality version of crafted foods, which can be consumed for a beneficial buff, but will provide less benefit than a crafted version.
    • Closed interactable containers (crates, barrels, etc.)
    • Vendors
      • Grocers will sell non-rare provisioning ingredients.
      • Chefs will sell non-rare cooking-centric provisioning ingredients, as well as individual one-bonus white versions of crafted food.
      • Brewers will sell all non-rare drinking-centric provisioning ingredients, as well as individual one-bonus white version of crafted drink.
    • Crafting Writ rewards
    • Hireling Packages
      • The provisioning hireling delivers much larger volumes of ingredient than before.
    • Fishing
      • You will be able to use any non-trophy fish to skin them and acquire fish meat.
    • Critters
      • We are still working on finalizing this, but essentially killing a cow or chicken or deer will give you meat, which you can use to make food.

Collection SystemEdit

  • Update 6 includes a new collection system which organizes certain types of items, offloading them from your inventory entirely and making them available to all characters on your account. These include the following:
    • Vanity Pets
    • Mounts
    • Costumes
      • Note: This does not include disguises at this time.
  • You can browse these categories that show both acquired and yet to be attained items, as well as how they may be obtained.
    • You may activate a costume, vanity pet, or even mount at any time directly from the collection window, though restrictions on mount locations still apply.
    • You may also hotkey most collection items for convenience.
  • As a result of this new feature, some underlying systems like mounts have changed.
    • Previously, each mount was associated with a specific set of statistics, which often led to you needing to choose between your preferred mount appearance or a mechanical benefit. Now, you are free to choose any acquired mount you like without compromising statistics.
    • Instead of feeding specific mounts at stables, you will now take riding lessons at stables that will increase your capability with any mount you ride.
    • You will also be able to gain maximum speed, stamina and capacity increases via these lessons over time.
    • The highest upgrade each player character has achieved with their mounts will be transferred into progress on your riding skills.
      • If you have three different mounts with 50 points of upgrades in speed, stamina, and capacity respectively, you will have those same benefits with your riding skill.
      • Additionally, every different mount on existing accounts will be transferred into the Collection system, which is available on all your characters. If there is a specific type of mount that you haven't yet acquired, they will still be available at the stable.
  • All current items in your inventory that apply to the collection system will be automatically converted into the new system with no action needed. Any new collectible gained will unlock the collection entry with no inventory interaction needed.
  • We have extensive plans to expand this system in the future with additional categories and functionality, so this is just the beginning!

Crown StoreEdit

  • With Update 6, we are introducing the Crown Store: an in-game store where you can buy customization and convenience items. To access the Crown Store, log into the game and press ",".
    • Note: The Crown Store is not available from the character select screen.
  • Once this system goes live, you will be granted an initial set of crowns just for owning the game, and will also be able to purchase crowns from The Elder Scrolls Online store. However, for the purpose of testing on the PTS, everyone has been granted 5500 crowns to be spent as desired. This will be reset once the system is live.
    • While you can purchase crowns on the web, the items in the store are only available to purchase in-game.
      • Once the system is live, the Imperial Edition Upgrade bundle and the Explorer's Pack that are currently available on the web will be moved to the Crown Store for purchase.
  • The Crown Store will sell customization and convenience items. You can use the items in the store to save some time, as well as customize your look with exotic pets, costumes, and mounts.
    • Items within the Crown Store can be previewed by hovering over the target item and pressing R.
    • To purchase an item, hover your mouse over the desired item and press E. You will need to confirm the purchase at the subsequent window.
    • Upon confirmation, crowns will be removed from your account and the item will be made accessible to you.
    • Items purchased from the Crown Store are non-refundable.
  • Once the Crown Store is available, there will be a variety of offerings for you to purchase:
    • Pets
      • Pets cannot be traded or sold to others.
    • Mounts
      • Mounts cannot be traded or sold to others.
    • Costumes
      • Once purchased, costumes will become available in the Collections UI for all characters on your account to access.
      • Costumes will only alter your appearance; your stats will remain unchanged.
      • Some special costumes, called polymorphs, will also be available. These are costumes that change your entire appearance, including your character's model.
      • Costumes cannot be traded or sold to others.
    • Consumables
      • Consumables are items managed in your inventory that can be used in the same manner as current consumables. They can be right clicked, double-clicked, or loaded into a quick slot.
      • Crown Store Consumables cannot be traded or sold to others, and cannot be deleted without confirmation. They can, however, be moved to other characters on your account via the account bank.
      • Crown Store Consumables are designed to be an easily-accessible way to minimize down time. They are not designed to give anyone an unfair combat advantage.
      • Specific Crown Store Consumables are as follows:
        • Crown Repair Kits: These kits allow you to repair all currently-equipped items with a single use.
        • Crown Potions: These can be used at any level, and the strength is equivalent to your level. These are slightly better than potions that are dropped from monsters or purchased from a vendor, but never better than a crafted potion.
        • Crown Soul Gem: These can be used at any level on another player character of any level. When used to charge a weapon enchant, the enchantment becomes fully charged.
    • Bundles
      • Bundles are a collection of offerings through a single purchase.
      • The bundle will have each offering represented as an icon allowing you to preview it by hovering your mouse over the icon.
  • When attempting to purchase a bundle containing something you already own, you will be warned and prompted for confirmation, but are not prevented from purchasing the bundle.

Trial Leaderboard ChangesEdit

  • We have changed the way in which we calculate and present leaderboards within Trials and Dragonstar Arena, and are now using a point-based system. Due to this change, once Update 6 goes live we will be resetting all Trial leaderboards.
  • We have reduced the penalty for losing lives within the Trial or Arena. It still matters, but not nearly as much as it did previously.
  • There are several things that award points within Trials and Dragonstar Arena. The breakdown is as follows:
    • Monsters: Each monster within a Trial (with few exceptions) will award points when they are killed. The point total varies based on the difficulty of the monster, though you will want to kill all of the monsters within a Trial to get all of the points.
    • Difficult Mode: Boss fights within Trials on difficult mode will give a very large chunk of points. You will most likely want to run difficult mode as the points awarded for this can tip the scales directly in your favor.
    • Arena Completion: Each arena within Dragonstar Arena is worth a certain amount of points.
  • After all the points are achieved within a Trial or Dragonstar Arena, you will be awarded a point bonus based on completion time.
  • Your leaderboard score will include your points plus your time bonus.

Updated TutorialEdit

  • The entire tutorial in the Wailing Prison has been revised:
    • If you were previously in the Wailing Prison with the quest Soul Shriven in Coldharbour, the quest will now be reset.
      • If you already completed this quest, you will not be affected.
    • Lyris will now guide you through much more of the Wailing Prison than before.
    • Basic combat skills are covered in more detail in the beginning of the tutorial.
    • You will now start with a two handed sword.
      • However, there are now more weapons (and armor!) to find in the Towers of Eyes and in the Undercroft!
    • You can now try your hand at lockpicking in the tutorial so you can learn the mechanics more easily.
    • The Sentinels must now be vanquished using stealth.
    • The Undercroft has been improved to be more fun to navigate.
    • The Child of Bones will now give you a better reward. Don't forget to loot!


Veteran 14 Endgame TemplateEdit

  • Veteran Rank 14 template with full sets of gold VR14 gear.
  • You can choose any race and any alliance, and will start in Belkarth.
  • You will be given 70 Champion Points to spend however you desire.
  • All skill lines will be unlocked with the exception of Vampire and Legerdemain (Justice).
  • Known Issue: Any time you create a new character using this template, all characters on your account will be reset to 70 Champion Points. We suggest creating new characters on the PTS first before distributing any points.

Alliance WarEdit


  • The underscroring bonus for the 30 day campaign now applies for one day instead of three days.
  • Siege weaponry damage has been scaled in coordination with player health changes from the Champion System.
  • The Keep walls upgrade now adds 20,000 HP per upgrade instead of 15,000.
  • The equipment boxes sold in Cyrodiil will now contain VR13 and VR14 gear.
  • Campaigns will now be sorted based on the length of the campaign, beginning with the non-veteran campaign then going from the longest to shortest duration.
  • Siege damage will no longer be mitigated by armor.
  • Increased the damage done by siege weapons against players by 10%.
  • Updated the Cyrodiil buff Battle Spirit so it now reduces damage taken and healing received.

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Art & AnimationEdit


  • Fixed the positioning for the following, so they are less likely to have clipping and/or hovering issues:
    • Books
    • Corpses (primarily in Rivenspire)
    • Fixtures
    • Miscellaneous interactable objects
    • NPCs
    • Treasure chests and other lootable objects

Face FXEdit

  • Fixed a number of issues that would cause NPCs to not look directly at you while in conversation.
  • Fixed a number of issues where mouth animations were out of sync with the VO.
  • Added Face FX for all Bard songs.
  • All NPCs speaking in the world in both conversation and just walking around will now use improved Face FX for proper lip syncing.


  • Improved and polished the look of all Redguard and Orc armor sets.
  • Disguises will no longer override accessory, skin, or facial hair option choices.
  • The body marking options for High Elves in character select will now be the same as they were at launch, and will no longer appear glossy.
  • Improved clipping and other visual issues with multiple armor sets and NPC outfits.


  • Fixed several cases throughout the world where improper collision on an asset could either block you from progressing through an area, allow you to fall through assets, or allow enemies to be knocked into them.


  • Adjusted the terrain around Dark Anchors in Grathwood and Reapers March to address any difficulty getting back to them from the Wayshrines if you died.

Gina Bruno Assistant Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Tumblr | Pinterest | YouTube

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  • Polished the audio in the recently expanded delves from Updates 4 and 5.
  • Adjusted sounds to work with the improved combat animations found in this update.
  • Polished the audio for many of the abilities.
  • Fixed an issue with the impact sounds on the abilities Flurry and Veiled Strike.
  • Polished the timing of a number of conversations amongst NPCs.
  • Resolved many cases where an NPC would have inconsistent-sounding voices.
  • Improved the lifelike feel of audio in many situations in enclosed spaces.
  • Polished many locations where the sound and/or music didn't quite fit the space or, in some cases, was missing entirely.
  • Improved the audio used by a number of monsters, critters and objects in the world.
  • Improved many UI sounds.
  • Fixed an issue with the audio from the Ice Staff heavy attack.
  • Added more variety to item sounds.
  • Fixed a number mismatched or erroneous text/voice-over pairings throughout the game.
  • Improved sounds for sheathing and unsheathing your weapon while stealthed.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect for a readied Ultimate ability played every time you swapped between ability bars.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound effect of a readied Ultimate ability would stop playing if both ability bars had readied Ultimates.
  • Sound effects will now play when you select or deselect the Preferred Roles icon in the Grouping Tools.

Combat & GameplayEdit


  • NPCs will now attempt to avoid colliding with each other if they are on the same path, and will also occasionally greet each other.
  • NPCs will now travel and turn more realistically.
  • Horses will now pass over small objects more consistently, which will prevent you from constantly having to stop to get around obstacles while mounted.
  • Fixed an issue so there will be less flickering from projected particle effects.
  • Death Recap icons for abilities such as those cast by traps or other hazards in the world will now display the correct art.
  • If you attempt to enter stealth while carrying a scroll, you will no longer drop the scroll immediately. Instead, you will just remain visible.
  • The Atronach Mundus Stone buff will no longer partially stack with itself.
  • Fixed an issue where the damage over time component from the ability Poison Arrow would remove you from Shadow Cloak.
  • Fixed an issue where Spear Shards and Volley would not hit an enemy using Shadow Cloak.
  • Unequipping weapons while in werewolf form no longer attaches your other weapons to the werewolf model.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in weapons becoming invisible if you weapon swapped while using certain Aedric Spear abilities.
  • Adjusted the visual effects for the following abilities to improve client performance in Cyrodiil and Trials:
  • Fixed an issue where the Werewolf Ultimate bar would appear to fill while you were transformed.
  • Fixed an issue where you would turn your body without moving your feet while channeling a heavy attack.
  • All food and drink abilities now have icons in the character UI screen.
  • Increased the heavy attack damage from Lightning staves to be same as Inferno and Ice staves.
  • The bleed from dual wielding axes can now critically hit.
  • Lightning-enchanted weapons no longer have a lens flare associated with their light.
  • Fixed an issue with the tooltip for the Serpent Mundus effect; it now correctly reports that it increases your in-combat health regeneration.
  • The effects for Dampen Magic IV and Harness Magicka IV now last for the full duration.
  • The ability Eclipse will no longer reflect back the damage over time from Twin Slashes and Searing Strike.
  • Melee abilities that apply a bleed will now all properly ignore your target's armor.
  • Improved the animations, audio, and effects when you consume or attempt to consume a potion.
  • Added tooltip text for the lingering effects from health, stamina, and magicka potions.
  • All bash and interrupt cues will now be more clear.
  • You will now be less likely to weapon swap twice when hitting the weapon swap keybind multiple times in quick succession.
  • You can now swap weapons while mounted.
  • All stamina abilities will now use the physical critical strike rating, and all magicka based abilities will use the spell critical strike rating.
  • All Mundus Stone buffs will now properly scale with your level and Veteran Rank, if applicable.
  • The healing debuff from meat catapults no longer stack with healing debuffs from abilities.
  • Renamed the name for the buff icon that appears on your Character sheet when you are immune from crowd control to "Ability CC Immunity."Fixed an issue where both weapons would flash when enchanting or charging dual wield weapons.



  • Ardent Flame
    • Dragonknight Standard
      • The Synergy for this ability will now scale off your maximum health instead of your maximum magicka.
      • Reduced the available range of this Synergy to 2.5 meters from 8 meters.
      • Increased the cost of this ability and its morph Standard of Might to 250 Ultimate.
      • Shifting Standard (morph): The cost of this ability is still 200 Ultimate.
    • Fiery Grip
      • If the target of Fiery Grip is unable to be pulled to you for any reason, you will now be pulled to the target.
      • Empowering Chains (morph): This ability now grants you Empower for 5 seconds.
    • Searing Strike
      • Increased the damage over time effect applied by all ranks and morphs of this ability by approximately 15%.
      • The damage from Searing Strike and its morph Burning Embers is now checked against direct damage and resist defense values.
      • Unstable Flame (morph): This ability now scales off Stamina and Attack Power and costs Stamina. Damage is mitigated by your target's melee defense statistics.
    • Fiery Breath
      • Increased the damage over time effect applied to all ranks and morphs by approximately 30%.
      • Fiery Breath and its morph Engulfing Flames are now mitigated by your target's Direct Damage and Resist statistics.
      • Burning Breath (morph): This ability will now scale off of stamina and weapon power, and is mitigated by your target's melee defense statistics. This ability now applies the Major Fracture debuff to your target.
    • Lava Whip
      • Updated the tooltip for this ability to note the cooldown to set an enemy off balance.
      • Flame Lash (morph): The follow up attack that is part of this ability now works on any off-balance target, stuns off-balance targets, and has a new icon.
    • Inferno
      • This ability has completely changed. It can now be toggled, has no cost, and deals no area of effect damage. Instead, when toggled on, Inferno will fire a projectile at the nearest target within 15 meters while in combat. In addition, Inferno provides the Major Prophecy buff while active.
      • Flames of Oblivion (morph): This ability now provides the same effect as Inferno, as well as providing the Major Savagery buff while active.
      • Sea of Flames (morph): This ability provides the same effect as Inferno, in addition to restoring Magicka to you whenever an enemy is killed by one of the projectiles.
      • Updated the visual effects for Inferno and both morphs.
  • Draconic Power
    • Dragon Leap
      • Reduced the cost of Dragon Leap and the morph Ferocious Leap to 125 Ultimate.
      • Take Flight (morph): Reduced the cost of this ability to 110 Ultimate, and increased the damage on this ability by 15% for all ranks.
      • Ferocious Leap (morph): This ability now applies a damage shield to the caster equal to your maximum health, and also removed the spell resist buff. We also fixed an issue where using this ability was unintentionally allowing you to jump up keep walls.
    • Spiked Armor
      • All ranks of this ability now also grant the buffs Major Resolve and Major Ward.
      • Razor Armor (morph): Renamed this ability to Hardened Armor, which now provides a damage shield equal to 10% of your maximum health. The duration of this shield lasts 3.5 seconds at Rank IV.
      • Volatile Armor (morph): This ability now deals increased damage over 10 seconds. The amount of damage dealt increases with each rank.
    • Dark Talons
      • Choking Talons (morph): This ability now applies the Minor Maim debuff, even if your target is immune to roots.
      • Burning Talons (morph): Increased the damage over time from this ability by approximately 10%.
    • Dragon Blood
    • Reflective Scale
      • This ability and all its morphs will now reflect a maximum of four projectiles.
      • Reflective Plate (morph): This ability now provides the buff Minor Ward for 20 seconds. The duration increases with each rank.
    • Inhale
      • Increased the damage dealt by this ability by 30%. The damage increases with each rank for the first four ranks, and then remains constant for both morphs.
  • Earthen Heart
    • Magma Armor
      • Magma Shell (morph): Reduced this ability's Synergy radius 2.5 meters, and increased the strength of the shield produced by the Synergy to 100% of your maximum health from 85%.
    • Stonefist
    • Molten Weapons
      • This ability will no longer buff allies. Instead, activating Molten Weapons will increase your heavy attack damage by 40% for 7 seconds. The duration increases with each additional rank.
      • Igneous Weapons (morph): Using a heavy attack while this ability is active will increase its duration by one second.
      • Molten Armaments (morph): This ability now increases the extra damage against low health targets.
      • Slightly reduced the cost of Molten Weapons and its morphs.
    • Obsidian Shield
    • Petrify
      • Increased the duration of this ability to 20 seconds from 12 seconds at Rank IV.
      • Fossilize (morph): This ability no longer affects regeneration rates. Instead, it roots your target for 2.5 seconds after the stun ends.
      • Shattering Rocks (morph): Increased the chance to put your targets off balance to 50% from 33%.
    • Ash Cloud
      • Ash Cloud is a now a ground-targeted area of effect ability. It no longer affects an enemy's miss chance, but instead snares your enemy by 70%.
      • Increased the damage radius of Ash Cloud and its morphs to 5 meters from 4 meters.
      • Cinder Storm (morph): This ability now snares enemies for 2.5 seconds, after they leave the area of effect. The damage dealt by Cinder Storm now increases with each rank of the ability.
      • Eruption (morph): This ability now deals damage instantly. This damage amount increases with each rank.
  • Passives
    • Earthen Heart
      • Mountain's Blessing: This passive now also grants all allies within 30 meters the buff Minor Brutality for 10 seconds at Rank I, or 20 seconds at Rank II.


  • Daedric Summoning
    • Summon Storm Atronach
      • The Charged Synergy is now instant and provides both you and the Atronach the buff Major Berserk for 8 seconds. This Synergy is available to other player characters within 2.5 yards of the Atronach until one player character triggers it.
      • The Greater Atronach now does 15% more damage as compared to the normal Storm Atronach.
    • Unstable Familiar
      • The unstable familiar (as well as the pets from the morphs of this ability) will no longer taunt monsters if the summoning player character is the only one on the hate list for that monster.
    • Daedric Curse
      • Increased the single target damage for all ranks and morphs of this ability by 25%.
      • Increased the AoE damage from this ability by 15%.
      • Removed the morph Explosive Curse.
      • Multiple Sorcerers can now stack this ability on the same target, though you can only have one curse active at any given time.
      • Daedric Prey (morph): Added this morph to the game, which increases the damage your pets will do to a target affected by your curse by 20%.
    • Winged Twilight:
      • Increased the damage dealt by the winged twilight and all its morphs by 15%.
      • Summon Restoring Twilight (morph): Slightly increased the damage boost, and slightly reduced the twilight's health. The Restoring Twilight also now grants nearby allies the Minor Intellect buff.
      • The Restoring Twilight pet gets 1% more bonus damage with each rank.
      • Summon Twilight Matriarch (morph): This pet now heals for the same amount at each rank of the ability, and also receives increased bonus damage with each rank.
    • Bound Armor:
      • This ability now grants you the buff Minor Resolve, and increases your maximum magicka by 5%. This bonus magicka does affect your ability damage.
      • The cost of the ability decreases with each rank of Bound Armor.
      • Bound Armaments (morph): This ability now costs Stamina instead of Magicka, gives you a bonus to stamina instead of magicka, and increases the damage done by heavy attacks.
      • Bound Aegis (morph): This ability now grants the Minor Warding and Minor Resolve buffs instead of additional armor.
  • Dark Magic
    • Crystal Shard:
      • Reduced the cast time on all ranks and morphs to 1 second from 1.3 seconds.
      • Fixed an issue with the impact timing with this ability.
      • Crystal Shards and its morphs will now show the correct icon in the death recap screen.
      • Crystal Fragments (morph): Fixed an issue where this morph was applying multiple passives each time it was cast.
    • Encase
      • Reduced the cost of this ability by 15%. Each additional rank of the ability increases the cost reduction slightly.
      • Reduced the cost of the morphs of this ability to match the lowest cost tier for the base ability.
    • Rune Prison
      • Rune Cage: This ability will no longer break due to damage over time. Each rank of Rune Cage now increases the disorient duration.
      • Weakening Prison: This ability now puts an aura of protection on you that lasts for one minute. The first player character to attack you during that one minute will be put in a Rune Prison. Each additional rank increases the duration of the aura by 20 seconds.
    • Dark Exchange
      • It is now possible to move while channeling all ranks and morphs of Dark Exchange.
      • Dark Deal (morph): This ability now converts magicka into health and stamina.
    • Daedric Mines
      • Increased the damage of all ranks and morphs to 150.
      • All boss monsters and any monster with boss immunities will be immune to damage from this ability for one second after being affected by a Daedric Mine.
    • Negate Magic
  • Storm Calling
    • Overload
      • Reduced the initial cost of Overload and its morphs to 75 Ultimate from 125 Ultimate.
      • Overload light attacks no longer trigger the global cooldown, which will result in an overall increase to Overload DPS.
      • Overload and Power Overload will now properly scale their damage off Weapon Damage and Stamina in the event that they are higher than Spell Power and Magicka.
    • Mages Fury
      • Endless Fury: Increased the base value of the magicka regeneration by 25%. Fixed an issue where this ability was exploding multiple times; it is no longer endless!
    • Lightning Form
      • Lightning Form now lasts for 15 seconds and grants you the Major Resolve and Major Ward buffs.
      • Thundering Presence (morph): This ability now starts at 20 seconds and increases in duration by one second with each rank.
      • Boundless Storm (morph): This ability now grants the Major Expedition buff for 6 seconds. This duration increases with reach rank, up to a duration of 7 seconds at Rank 4.
    • Lightning Splash
      • Increased the duration of Lightning Splash to 4 seconds.
      • Reduced the Synergy range for this ability. Activating the Synergy no longer removes lightning.
      • The Synergy damage now scales off of stamina/power.
      • Fixed an issue that allowed the synergy to be used repeatedly if no enemies were nearby.
      • Liquid Lightning (morph): Increased the bonus initial damage to 94%, and will increase by an additional 2% with each rank.
    • Surge
  • Passives


  • Assassination
    • Death Stroke
      • Death Stroke and its morphs will now apply the Major Defile buff.
    • Assassin's Blade:
      • Killer's Blade (morph): The heal from this ability will now be applied if your target dies within 2 seconds of the ability being used, regardless of who killed the target.
    • Teleport Strike
      • This ability will now critically hit properly.
      • Fixed an issue with the cast time listed on this ability's tooltip.
      • Ambush: This ability now uses stamina instead of magicka, and applies the Minor Berserk buff on the next attack.
    • Blur
      • Blur now grants the Major Evasion buff.
      • Mirage (morph): This ability now grants the Minor Resolve buff, and the cost now scales at the correct interval on rank up.
      • Double Take (morph): This ability now grants the Major Expedition buff for four seconds, and the cost now scales at the correct interval on rank up.
    • Mark Target
      • This ability now grants the Major Breach and Major Fracture buffs.
      • Removed the penalty from this ability.
      • This ability can now be cast on any target.
      • Reduced the cost of this ability by approximately 50%, and reduced the duration to 20 seconds.
      • Piercing Mark (morph): The duration of this ability now scales with ability ranks up to a maximum of 30 seconds.
      • Reaper's Mark (morph): This ability now grants the Major Berserk buff for 8 seconds after the target is killed.
    • Haste
      • This ability has been removed, and replaced by the new ability Grim Focus.
    • Grim Focus
      • This ability has replaced Haste in the Assassination tree. Any experience gained in Haste will now apply to Grim Focus.
      • When Grim Focus is activated, all weapon attacks will do additional damage for 20 seconds. Using light attacks or heavy attacks while the effect is active will grant a charge. When you gain eight charges, Grim Focus changes to Assassin's Will.
    • Assassin's Will: This ability allows you to fire a spectral projectile at your target, dealing magic damage.
  • Shadow
    • Consuming Darkness
      • Reduced the duration of this ability to 12 seconds.
      • This ability will no longer provide an additional damage reduction for the caster.
      • Hidden Refresh (synergy): This will now provide healing to allies, and will only be offered to allies under 50% health.
      • Bolstering Darkness (morph): This ability doubles the effectiveness of the Major Protection buff on yourself.
      • Dark Resurgence (synergy): This synergy, offered by Bolstering Darkness, will provide more healing for the ally that activates it.
    • Shadow Cloak
      • Fixed an issue that could allow heavy attacks to hit another player character who had activated Shadow Cloak if the ability had been activated while the heavy attack was in the process of charging.
      • Fixed an issue where the effects from this ability would stay visible when the target receiving the shield would go into stealth.
      • Shadowy Disguise (morph): This ability now makes the next attack a guaranteed crit. Reduced the cost of this morph by 10%.
    • Veiled Strike
      • Veiled Strike and its associated morphs will no longer stun enemies or cause them to go off-balance if they dodge the initial attack.
      • Surprise Attack (morph): This morph now applies the Major Fracture debuff, and will no longer reduce your target's armor if they dodge the initial attack.
    • Path of Darkness
      • Reduced the initial cost of this ability by approximately 10%.
      • Increased the damage from each tick by 50%. This ability also provides the Major Expedition buff while inside the area of effect.
      • Twisting Path (morph): Increased the damage of this ability by 33%.
      • Refreshing Path (morph): Increased the heal amount of this ability by 33%.
    • Aspect of Terror
      • Slightly reduced the cost of this ability.
      • Mass Hysteria (morph): This ability now hits up to three targets. These targets will be affected by fear for three seconds, then affected by Minor Maim debuff and have their movement speed reduced for 4 seconds.
    • Summon Shade
      • Reduced the duration of this ability to 15 seconds
      • Increased the damage of this ability to 3% of your maximum Magicka, and now provides the Minor Maim debuff.
      • Dark Shades (morph): This ability's duration now scales to 18 seconds with additional ranks of the ability.
      • Shadow Image (morph): This ability's duration now scales to 18 seconds with additional ranks of the ability. It also now deals damage equal to 4% of your maximum Magicka, and the cost of the teleport has been removed.
  • Siphoning
    • Soul Shred
      • Reduced the cost of this ability to 125 Ultimate from 150.
      • The Synergy of Soul Shred is now only available to lowest health ally, but is also more potent.
      • Soul Tether (morph): This ability now tethers up to 6 targets.
      • Soul Siphon (morph): This ability no longer does damage. Instead, it grants the Major Vitality buff to up to six ally targets and heals those targets.
    • Strife
      • Swallow Soul (morph): This ability now grants the Minor Vitality buff and heals the caster. This heal will scale with the amount of damage dealt.
    • Agony
      • Reduced the cast time of Agony to 1.2 seconds, and increased the duration by 50%.
    • Cripple
      • Increased the damage dealt by Cripple by 6%.
      • Debilitate (morph): This ability no longer affects attack speed. In addition, if your target dies while affected by Debilitate, the cost of the spell is refunded to you.
    • Drain Power
      • The damage caused by Drain Power no longer scales with the number of targets hit. Instead, you will receive a Major Brutality buff when damaging at least one target.
      • Power Extraction (morph): This ability now scales off weapon damage and stamina instead of magicka and spell damage. The damage has also been increased by 10%.
      • Sap Essence (morph): This ability now grants you the Major Spell Power buff.
  • Passives


  • Aedric Spear
    • Radial Sweep
      • Radial Sweep and all morphs are now a player-based area of effect attack that deals damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, to enemies within 5 meters.
    • Puncturing Strikes
      • Increased the single target bonus damage on this ability by 60%.
      • Reduced the cost of this ability by 25%.
      • Biting Jabs (morph): This ability now scales off stamina and weapon power, and now also provides the Major Savagery buff.
    • Piercing Javelin
      • Binding Javelin (morph): This ability now scales off stamina and weapon power.
    • Focused Charge
      • Slightly reduced the post-global cooldown for this ability, making it feel more responsive.
    • Spear Shards
      • Blazing Spear (morph): This ability will now continue to deal damage over time even if the spear is removed as a result of someone using the Synergy. If you are stunned by Blazing Spear, you will now gain crowd control immunity.
    • Sun Shield
      • Increased the cost of this ability by 10%.
      • Radiant Ward (morph): In addition to increased shield strength, this morph also has a reduced cost.
  • Dawn's Wrath
    • Nova
      • Supernova: Decreased the activation range to 2.5 meters.
      • Solar Prison (morph): Increased the damage dealt by this ability by about 17%.
      • Solar Disturbance (morph): Increased the snare component of this ability to 65% from 60%.
    • Sun Fire
      • Increased the damage over time dealt by Sun Fire and its morphs by 30%.
      • While Sun Fire is active on a target, the caster will gain the Major Spell Crit buff.
    • Solar Flare
      • Solar Flare no longer increases the damage of the next attack against the target. Instead, this ability now grants the caster the Major Empower buff.
      • Reduced the cast time of this ability to 1.3 seconds.
      • Dark Flare (morph): This ability now applies the Major Defile debuff to your target.
    • Backlash
      • Backlash now ignores the damage caused by other player characters using Backlash. Multiple casters can now all stack Backlash on the same target.
      • Backlash and Purifying Light morph damage caps are now derived from your maximum magicka.
      • Removed the cast time for this ability.
      • Enduring Rays: This passive no longer increases the duration of Backlash.
      • Power of the Light (morph): This ability now applies the Minor Fracture debuff to your target, and the damage caps are derived from your maximum stamina.
    • Eclipse
      • Added a new graphical effect to this ability when projectiles are reflected.
      • Total Dark (morph): This ability now heals the caster for each projectile reflected by the ability.
      • Unstable Core (morph): This ability will now explode if the affected target uses CC Break or Cleanse to remove it.
    • Blinding Light ()
    • Radiant Destruction
      • This new ability has replaced Blinding Light. Any experience you had in Blinding Light will automatically apply to Radiant Destruction.
      • Radiant Destruction is a channeled, magicka-based beam with a range of 28 meters and a duration of 3 seconds. It does moderate damage against enemies, but that damage increases against targets who are low in health.
      • Radiant Glory (morph): This ability heals the caster for 20% of the amount of damage dealt by the ability.
      • Radiant Oppression (morph): This ability will now deal more damage depending on how much unspent magicka you have. A caster with 100% magicka will receive a 40% bonus to the damage from this ability.
  • Restoring Light
  • Passives
    • Aedric Spear
      • Piercing Spear: This passive now provides increased critical damage when a spear ability is slotted, instead of increased critical hit.
      • Burning Light: The damage from this passive is now derived from your highest stats (stamina or magicka based).
      • Balanced Warrior: Increased the weapon damage from this passive to 3% at Rank I, and 6% at Rank II.
    • Dawn's Wrath
      • Illuminate: This passive now provides nearby allies with the Minor Sorcery buff for 10 seconds at Rank I, and 20 seconds at Rank II, when a Dawn's Wrath ability is activated.
    • Restoring Light
      • Mending: This passive now grants your Restoring Light heals a bonus based on the amount of missing health on the target of the heal. This can be up to a 5% bonus at Rank I, or up to a 10% bonus at Rank II.


Two HandedEdit

One Hand and ShieldEdit

Dual WieldEdit

    • Flurry
      • Reduced the damage of this ability by 8%.
    • Sparks
      • This ability has been removed, and replaced with a new ability: Blade Cloak.
      • When activated, Blade Cloak reduces area of effect damage taken by the caster by 20% for 15 seconds. Whenever the caster takes area of effect damage, this ability will deal damage to all nearby enemies. Blade Cloak can only fire once every 2 seconds.
      • Quick Cloak (morph): This ability provides the buff Major Expedition for 5 seconds.
      • Deadly Cloak (morph): When cast, this ability allows you to throw a dagger that deals high damage. This ability can only be used once, and only within ten seconds of the cast.
    • Twin Slashes
      • The second hit caused by this ability is now able to crit.


Destruction StaffEdit

    • Destructive Touch
      • Destructive Touch has been changed into a damage over time-based attack for all ranks and morphs of all types of staffs. The damage over time component increases in damage with rank.
      • Increased the range of this ability to 17 meters from 7 meters.
      • Destructive Reach (morph): Increased the range of this ability to 28 meters from 17 meters.
      • Shocking Touch, the lightning staff variant of Destructive Touch, now deals damage to nearby targets instead of disorienting the target.
      • Tri Focus (passive): This passive now grants a damage bonus of 8% at Rank I, and 15% at Rank II to heavy attacks when the caster is using a fire staff. This passive also now adds splash damage equal to 10% at Rank I, and 20% at Rank II, of the damage of the attack when a caster using a lightning staff uses a heavy attack.
      • Frost Touch and its morphs will no longer stun your target before the projectile deals damage.
    • Wall of Elements
      • Increased the durations of all ranks and morphs of Wall of Elements by 2 seconds.
      • Reduced the cost of Wall of Elements for all ranks.
      • The damage dealt by Wall of Elements will now stack correctly with other instances of Wall of Elements cast by other player characters that affect the same target.
      • Only one Wall of Element per caster may be active at any time.
      • Unstable Wall (morph): Increased the explosion damage of this ability by 30% for all ranks.
    • Wall of Storms
      • Reduced the brightness of this ability's effects.
    • Force Shock
      • Force Pulse (morph): Increased the area of effect damage dealt by this ability by 30%.
    • Weakness to Elements
      • This ability now has no cost and can be applied to multiple targets, and now afflicts the target (or targets) with the debuff Major Spell Resistance Reduction for 18 seconds.
      • Elemental Susceptibility (morph): This ability now refreshes its duration when you damage the affected target.
    • Impulse
      • Pulsar (morph): This ability now applies the Minor Mangle buff to the target for 30 seconds, and the duration increases with each rank of the ability.

Restoration StaffEdit


Fighters GuildEdit

    • Dawnbreaker
      • Reduced the cost of Dawnbreaker at all ranks and morphs to 100 Ultimate.
      • Dawnbreaker now also deals additional damage over time.
      • Fixed an issue so the damage over time aspect of Dawnbreaker and its morphs will now properly crit.
    • Silver Bolts
      • Decreased the base damage done by Silver Bolts by 80%, but increased the proc chance to 30% from 5%.
      • Silver Leash (morph): Activating the secondary effect that pulls the target to you no longer has a cost, and now deals 15% more damage. This ability also now scales off Stamina instead of Magicka.
    • Circle of Protection
    • Trap Beast
      • Reduced the time it takes to arm this ability to 3 seconds from 4 seconds.
      • Increased the damage dealt per tick by approximately 40%.
      • This ability no longer shows a telegraph to enemy player characters.
    • Expert Hunter
      • This ability now always provides you with the Major Weapon Crit buff.
      • This ability now lasts for 15 seconds and grants a 4% chance to deal additional damage to the target, with the chance increased to 15% against Daedra.
      • Expert Hunter and its morphs now correctly scale off Power and Stamina, and the crit chance is calculated based on your Critical Strike chance.
      • Damage over time and channeled abilities now have a chance to proc Expert Hunter on the first tick.
      • Camouflaged Hunter (morph): This ability now makes it less likely that you will be detected by Daedra while stealthed.
  • Mages
    • Meteor
      • Reduced the cost of Meteor to 200 Ultimate.
      • This ability now deals full damage to all targets in the area of impact, and knocks affected targets into the air instead of knocking them back.
      • After impact, Meteor will leave an area of scorched ground that deals high damage for 10 seconds.
      • The knockback from this ability will now affect targets when the meteor hits, rather than before it hits.
      • Ice Comet (morph): Increased the snare component of this ability to 85%. In addition, this morph will deal 10% more damage on initial impact than Meteor.
      • Updated the visual effects for Meteor and both morphs.
    • Magelight
      • Magelight now grants you the buff Major Spell Crit when toggled on, instead of revealing stealthed enemies.
      • Radiant Magelight (morph): This ability now reveals all enemies within 12 meters of the caster, and reduces the amount of damage nearby allies will take from stealth attacks. We also edited the tooltip to clarify that it's active, you are immune to stuns from stealth attacks.
      • Inner Light (morph): This ability now increases your maximum Magicka by 5% instead of reducing your maximum Magicka when the ability is toggled on.
    • Entropy
      • Entropy now grants you the Major Sorcery buff for 20 seconds when cast.
      • Increased the damage over time component of this ability by 20%.
    • Fire Rune
      • Updated the visual effects for Fire Rune and both morphs.
    • Equilibrium
      • Slightly reduced the amount of Magicka gained per cast of Equilibrium.
      • Balance (morph): This ability now applies the Major Fortitude buff for 20 seconds.
    • Might of the Guild
      • Might of the Guild now has a 50% chance to grant Empower at Rank I, and a 100% chance to grant Empower at Rank II.


    • Blood Altar
      • Fixed an issue where the altar beam would sometimes not display.
      • Blood Altar now grants the Major Fortitude buff.
      • Sanguine Altar (morph): This ability now increases the duration of the altar to 46 seconds at Rank IV.
      • Overflowing Altar (morph): This ability now increases the effectiveness of the synergy heal by 30% over the base ability.
    • Trapping Webs
      • Increased the damage dealt by this ability by 25%.
      • The Synergy now applies to targets who are immune to crowd control effects.
    • Inner Fire
      • Increased the range on this ability to 28 meters from 15 meters, and slightly raised the cost of the ability.
      • Radiate (synergy): Doubled the base damage dealt by this synergy, and it will now cast instantly instead of being channeled.
      • Inner Rage (morph): Increased the chance that the synergy will become available to 35% from 15%.
      • Inner Beast (morph): This ability now costs Stamina instead of Magicka.
    • Bone Shield
      • Bone Shield now costs Stamina and grants a ward that absorbs up to 30% the maximum health value of the caster in Physical damage.
      • The Synergy for Bone Shield now affects up to four targets, preferring targets with lower health.
      • Bone Surge (morph): This ability changes the Synergy to grant the Minor Vitality buff instead of granting spell power.
      • Spinal Surge (synergy): Fixed an issue so this synergy now correctly lasts for 10 seconds.
      • Updated the visual effects for Bone Shield and both morphs.
    • Necrotic Orb
      • Increased the damage per tick dealt by this ability by 30%.
      • Energy Orb (morph): This ability now heals allies instead of damaging enemies. Activating the Synergy for this morph triggers a power area of effect heal and destroys the orb.
      • Updated the visual effects for Necrotic Orb.



    • Soul Strike
      • Reduced the cost of this ability by 30%.
      • Shatter Soul (morph): Increased the area of effect damage dealt by this ability by 22%.
    • Soul Trap
      • This ability can now hit two additional targets that are close to the primary target.
      • Soul Splitting Trap (morph): This ability now hits 3 targets instead of providing 2 soul gems per target.
    • Soul Shatter
      • This passive ability now triggers an explosion when you reach 20% health. The explosion deals 8% of your maximum health as damage at Rank I, and 16% at Rank II. This effect can only trigger once every two minutes.


    • Decreased the amount of damage you take from fire to 40% from 50%.
    • Drain Essence
      • Midnight Drain (morph): Renamed this ability to Accelerating Drain, and it now grants the caster the Minor Expedition buff for 20 seconds after draining an enemy.
    • Feed
      • You can now CC break out of this ability.
    • Mist Form
      • Elusive Mist (morph): This ability now grants the Major Expedition buff while active.
      • Slightly reduced the cost of the higher ranks of Mist Form.


    • Decreased the amount of damage you take from poison to 40% from 50%.
    • Blood Rage
      • Using this passive will now increase the amount of time you are transformed as a werewolf by 3 seconds every time you take damage.
      • This passive now has a 3 second cooldown.
    • Devour
      • Fixed an issue where this ability would appear to blink.
    • Howl of Despair
      • Feeding Frenzy (morph): The Synergy prompt for this ability will now properly disappear when you can no longer use it.
    • Infectious Claws
      • Slightly adjusted the animation for this ability so it no longer gets clipped by a light attack.
    • Roar
      • Rousing Roar (morph): This ability now grants the Major Brutality buff for 5 seconds.



  • Evasion
    • Evasion now grants the Major Evasion buff for 17 seconds; the duration increases with each rank of the ability.
    • Elude (morph): This ability now increases the duration of the Major Evasion buff for each piece of medium armor equipped.


  • Immovable
    • Immovable now grants the buffs Major Resolve and Major Ward. Each additional rank of this ability increases the duration of the buffs by 0.5 seconds.
    • Increased the cost of this ability by 13% for all ranks and morphs.
    • Immovable Brute (morph): This ability no longer increases melee damage. Instead, in reduces the cost of CC break for each piece of heavy armor equipped while this ability is slotted in the activity bar.


    • Constitution: This passive now scales off your level rather than our maximum health when restoring magicka and stamina.
    • Juggernaut: This passive now grants a 0.5% increase in max health per piece of heavy armor worn. All other bonuses on this passive have been removed.

Alliance WarEdit


  • War Horn
    • All ranks and morphs of War Horn now grant the Max Health buff.
    • Aggressive War Horn (morph): This ability now grants the Major Force buff for 8 seconds instead of granting bonus weapon damage. We also adjusted the visuals for this ability to help improve performance and visual clarity.
    • Sturdy Horn (morph): Increased the duration of this ability. This morph also now provides the Minor Resolve and Minor Ward buffs.
  • Rapid Maneuver
    • This ability now grants the Major Expedition buff.
    • This ability and its morphs can now be cast while mounted.
    • Charging Maneuvre (morph): This ability now grants the Minor Expedition Increase buff for 8 seconds after attacking an enemy.
    • The duration of both morphs from this ability now increases with the level of the ability, up to a maximum of 23 seconds.
  • Caltrops
    • This ability now correctly applies damage every second to enemies, and will no longer cause you to display a hit reaction for each damage tick.
    • Fixed a minor grammar issue in the upgrade text.
    • Anti-Cavalry Caltrops (morph): Increased the duration of this ability by 5 seconds, and fixed a minor grammar issue in the upgrade text.
  • Combat Frenzy
    • Reduced the Ultimate gain to 10/20 from 13/25.
  • Vigor (new ability)
    • This new ability will place a strong heal over time on allies within 10 meters for 5 seconds.
    • Echoing Vigor (morph): Increases the radius to 15 meters.
    • Resolving Vigor (morph): This ability will increase the heal value on yourself.
  • Magicka Detonation (new ability)
    • Using this new ability will place a bomb on your target. After 4 seconds, the bomb will explode dealing high area of effect damage. This ability has a 2 second cast time.
    • Inevitable Detonation (morph): This ability will deal area of effect damage if dispelled.
    • Proximity Detonation (morph): This ability, cast upon yourself, will blow up and damage all nearby enemies after 4 seconds.


  • Barrier
    • Fixed an issue so the effectiveness of both the shield and heal now scale off of your maximum magicka or maximum stamina.
    • Reviving Barrier (morph): This ability now ticks every 2 seconds instead of every 1.5 seconds, and the healing component of this ability will now remain even after the shield has been destroyed.
  • Siege Shield
    • This ability now reduces the damage taken by siege weapons by 35%.
    • Propelling Shield (morph): This ability now grants the increased range to any ability with a base range of 20 meters, and reduced the cost of this morph by 10%. We also fixed a minor typo in the upgrade tooltip.
  • Purge
    • Reduced the cost of Purge by approximately 20%.
    • Efficient Purge (morph): The tooltip for this ability now displays the correct duration at all ranks
    • Cleanse (morph):
      • The particle effects for this ability will now properly display when you use it.
      • The healing from this ability now only applies if a negative effect is removed from a target.
      • Slightly reduced the value that Cleanse heals allies for to 15%, 16%, 17%, and 18% of their maximum health from 18%, 19%, 20%, and 21%.
  • Magicka Aid
  • Fixed an issue where the extra Magicka recovery granted by this passive ability was not working properly with Guard and Revealing Flare.
  • Revealing Flare (new ability)
    • This new ability will cast a projectile to travel to a specified location, which will reveal all enemies within 10 meters.
    • Lingering Flare (morph): The area of effect will persist for 4 seconds after the ability is cast.
    • Scorching Flare (morph): Using this ability will place a damage over time on any revealed enemies.
  • Guard (new ability)
    • This new ability will intercept all projectiles that are targeted at allies near you, and when toggled, will also drain your target's stamina while active.
    • Mystic Guard (morph): Your allies gain the Minor Vitality buff.
    • Stalwart Guard (morph): Using this ability will slow your stamina drain.


High ElfEdit

  • Elemental Talent: The tooltip for this passive is now consistent across all its ranks.


  • Carnage: This passive ability's tooltip now correctly reflects the Weapon Critical bonus it grants.


Wood ElfEdit


  • Monsters will now gain immunity to crowd control effects for 5 seconds in the same way that you do.
    • Note: This does not change the behavior or monsters that are already immune to crowd control abilities.
  • Burrowing monsters will no longer resurface prematurely if you move while they are underground. This affects the following monsters:
  • Re-timed all monster abilities to be more intuitive to defend against.
  • If you are killed by swarming monsters, you will no longer be attacked immediately upon resurrection.
  • Adjusted the telegraphs from heavy attacks and casts from monsters so they are now larger to improve visibility. This affects the following monsters:

Monster AbilitiesEdit

  • Banekin
    • Dire Wounds will no longer cause a health desync when reflected by Templar Eclipse.
    • Envelop will no longer explode when the Banekin is interrupted.
    • Entropic Touch now displays an effect when blocked.
  • Bone Colossus
    • Bone Saw will no longer hit you outside its telegraph.
    • The summons from Voice to Wake the Dead will now despawn properly if the Bone Colossus leaves combat for any reason.
  • Bonelord
    • Summons will no longer move to attack you before fully emerging from the ground.
    • Summon Atronach will now summon only one monster at a time.
  • Daedroth
    • The Daedroth's mouth will no longer emit light when not breathing fire.
  • Dwarven Spider
    • You can now only successfully block Double Strike on the second hit instead of the first hit.
    • The effects from Overcharge no longer persist after you die.
  • Flame Atronach
    • Lava Geyser will no longer erupt prematurely when the Atronach is knocked down.
    • Fire Brand can now be mitigated by block.
  • Frost Mage
    • Winter's Reach effects are now removed when you escape.
    • Immobilize from Winter's Reach can now be removed by abilities such as Templar Cleansing Ritual.
  • Gargoyle
    • Double Swipe will now play impact effects more reliably.
  • Ghost
    • Chill Touch will no longer snare you if you successfully block.
  • Giant Bat
    • Scrape can no longer be interrupted.
  • Giant
    • Obliterate can no longer be interrupted, and can now be mitigated by block.
    • Shatter can no longer be interrupted.
  • Guar
    • Guar bites can no longer be interrupted.
  • Hag
    • Steal Essence will no longer be channeled while moving.
  • Harvester
    • Feast Orbs will no longer generate Ultimate when killed.
    • Feast will no longer be cast several times simultaneously when more than one Harvester is engaged in combat with you.
  • Knight
    • Low Slash will no longer snare you if you successfully block.
  • Kwama Warrior
    • Excavation is now properly named; you will no longer be struck by "Thunder Hammer" while fighting Kwama.
  • Lich
    • Soul Cage will no longer stun you for each overlapping area of effect. If you are caught in multiple areas of effect, you will still take damage from each.
  • Lurcher
    • Choking Pollen will no longer appear after it is interrupted.
  • Nightblade
    • Teleport Strike will now better sync with its spell effects.
    • Soul Tether's damage over time effect will no longer fail to apply if the first tick is dodged or missed.
  • Ogre
    • Smash will no longer apply its snare if you successfully block or dodge.
  • Pet Ranger
    • Trap Beast damage is now considered as Magic and can be mitigated appropriately.
    • Trap Beast will now remain in place when you escape.
  • Ranged Troll
    • The stun from Boulder Toss can now be removed by Crowd Control Break.
    • Boulder Toss can now be mitigated by block.
    • Rock Toss can no longer be interrupted.
  • Shalk
    • Fire Bite will now correctly apply its damage over time effect.
  • Spirit Master
    • Burdening Eye will now despawn when the Spirit Master leaves combat.
  • Storm Atronach
    • Impending Storm will no longer appear to cast when the Atronach is interrupted.
  • Storm Mage
    • Thunder Thrall can no longer be interrupted.
  • Strangler
    • Grapple will no longer target you if you were recently grappled within 8 seconds.
  • Troll
    • Trolls will no longer turn while casting Swinging Cleave.
  • Watcher
    • Doom-Truth's Gaze can now be mitigated by block.
    • Gaze can now be mitigated by block.
  • Werewolf
    • Blood Scent can no longer be interrupted.
    • Devour will now properly display a cast-interrupt telegraph.
  • Wisp
    • Dying Blast will no longer fire twice if you stun the wisp before it self-destructs.
  • Wispmother
    • Summon Wisp will no longer summon more than four Wisps at a time.
  • Wolf
    • Helljoint will now be used if you have allies.


  • Pets now take 90% less damage from AoE's, up from 50% less damage.
  • The Crit rating for pets is now equal to your Spell Crit rating.
  • Summoning a pet no longer reduces your available magicka.

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • Banners for some dye stations have been named by their owners.
  • The banker Talqua in Greenshade will now always correctly offer access to the guild store.
  • You will now receive gold from the small gold piles scattered throughout Tamriel.
  • Some surveyed wood will no longer be mysteriously on fire.
  • Leather dropped from animals will now be level-appropriate for the difficulty of the zone where they are found.
  • Sheep and goats will now produce raw leather components when slain.


  • Increased the stack size of all raw and refined crafting materials to 200.
  • Significantly increased the chance to receive gold boosters from refining.
  • Significantly decreased the chance to receive gold boosters, gold aspect runes and purple provisioning ingredients from hireling mails.
  • Added a significant chance to receive gold boosters, gold aspect runes, and purple provisioning ingredients from crafting writ rewards.
  • Certain herbs in Craglorn survey reports no longer grow in the exact same spot.
  • Crafting Certification and Crafting Writs are now only offered if you are at least level 6.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not progress through the Provisioner Certification quest.
  • Adjusted the messaging when you must choose between certification trainers for crafting so it's clearer.
  • Millenith now has a marker appear over her head for the Crafting Certification quest in Davon's Watch.
  • Adjusted the location of some hostile enemies and survey reports relative to each other in Craglorn to allow slightly safer harvesting.
  • Crafting Writ quest pins for delivering goods will now display on the map immediately after crafting all the required items.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in items not registering for crafting writ objectives.
  • The Rift now has a grocer.
  • Certain harvestable objects in Cyrodiil that couldn't be harvested before can now be harvested.
  • Quest markers during crafting certification quests will now behave more expectedly and reliably.
  • Fixed an issue where traits would sometimes not appear in the Smithing UI window.
  • The book "Enchanting Made Easy" now accurately describes the re-enchantment of items.
  • Clothier crafting stations will now be given an appropriate quest pin when on the step to craft goods.
  • Saying "never mind" to Danel Telleno will now allow you to leave the conversation for the Crafting Certification quest in Davon's Watch.
  • Fixed an issue where you were being directed to the incorrect delivery site for some Alchemy Writ quests.


  • Fixed an issue where a rare fish in Stros M'Kai could not be caught using appropriate bait.
  • You can now filet non-trophy fish that you catch into fish meat.
  • Trophy fish that previously had no sale value are now worth something to merchants.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


  • Normalized the rate you gain experience in non-Veteran dungeons; there will no longer be a wide disparity between dungeons.
  • Veteran dungeons will now award significantly more experience.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple monsters inside various dungeons were not cooperating correctly with other monsters; they will now use abilities on each other, such as healing.


  • The Banished Cells
  • Blackheart Haven
    • Fixed an issue where Shifty Tom would disappear forever if he got stuck.
  • City of Ash
    • Replaced all Imps with Scamps for lore-related reasons.
  • Crypt of Hearts
    • Athor and Zaven no longer reward Fighters Guild reputation when each dies. Instead, Fighters Guild reputation is rewarded once both Ilambris twins are defeated.
  • Direfrost Keep
    • The second speaking stone can no longer be interacted with while Eboric's ghostly image tells his tale.
  • Fungal Grotto
  • Selene's Web
    • Longclaw's Mirror Ward is much more resilient to enemy attacks now.
  • Vaults of Madness
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the final boss to despawn prematurely.
  • Volenfell
    • You can no longer talk to Tharayya when the objective is to leave the Pearl's chamber.
  • Wayrest Sewers
    • Updated several doors so they open after boss deaths to prevent you or your group members from getting blocked when arriving later in the dungeon.

Veteran DungeonsEdit

  • Veteran Banished Cells
    • Fixed an issue where the Ghost of Rilis would despawn before he finished killing the two skeletons as part of a theater scene.
  • Veteran Elden Hollow
    • The boss health bars for Dubrose and Dark Root will now continue to appear while moving around the large room where each boss spawns.
    • The Veteran Elden Hollow Speed Run now requires all six bosses to be killed within 20 minutes.
  • Veteran Spindleclutch
    • You can no longer escape Praxin's Harrowing Ring with movement based abilities.

Dragonstar ArenaEdit

  • Heals from you or other player characters will no longer target the summoned spirits of Zackael and Rubyn.
  • Vampire Lord Thisa's ability Drain Essence now has a proper telegraph.
  • Humanoid monsters in Dragonstar Arena will now drop gold upon death to help offset repair costs.
  • When defeating the final boss in Dragonstar Arena, the awarded points will now be displayed before the final score is shown.
  • Fixed an issue where Nix-Hound and Banekin were not dropping their monster trophies.
  • Fixed an issue where Shield of the Footman was not dropping in Dragonstar Arena.



  • Aetherian Archive
    • The Mage will now enter Phase 2 at 20% health.
    • Adjusted the timing of the Mage's abilities so you will start seeing more of his abilities earlier in the fight.
    • You can no longer dispel the Mage's Meteors on difficult mode.
    • The Lightning Storm Atronach will now use his storm ability sooner after being engaged in combat.
  • Sanctum Ophidia
    • Reduced the health of the Mantikora's adds on difficult mode.
    • Increased the time you have to dodge the Serpent's World Shaper attack on difficult mode.
    • Increased the time that shields are available when the Serpent fights off the power of his stone.
    • Removed several monsters from the pack after you encounter the Stonebreaker.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Zombies in Echo Cave will now drop the Hand of Glory.
  • Fixed an issue so the map for The Rift will now better reflect chest placement.
  • Certain lootable food objects (mostly involving goats) will no longer mysteriously vanish when looted.
  • The level of an item that you receive specifically from interactable objects will now either be in line with your level (in the case of equipment) or with the zone (in the case of recipes).
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in treasure maps dropping too close to the associated treasure.
  • Fixed an issue where some item set effects would not apply properly if they were applied during resurrection.


  • Damage, healing, and blocking in public and group dungeons now count towards associated dungeon achievements.
  • Monsters killed in public dungeons now count toward the Dungeon Marauder and Dungeon Annihilator achievements.
  • Named monsters killed in public dungeons now count toward the Dungeon Ruler and Dungeon Lord achievements.
  • The Truly Legendary Achievement is now worded accurately to show that you only get the achievement under a certain set of criteria.
  • Renamed the cooking achievement Iron Chef to Master Chef.
  • Fixed a number of Dungeon Vanquisher achievements to correctly name all bosses required for the achievement.
  • Updated the individual achievement names listed within the category Complete All Speed Challenges.

Itemization & Item SetsEdit


  • Fixed an issue where the number of charges on a weapon were not scaling properly with item traits.
  • Updated the tooltip for the Training trait to clarify the effect, and increased the value of this effect.
  • The Charged trait will now increase the number of charges on a weapon by the correct full amount.
  • Increased value for the Ornate and Intricate traits; they now start at a 275% increase for grey items, and increase by 5% for each quality level.
  • Changed the trait on the Bloodcaller Clogs to Divines.



  • Ultra settings will now require a video card with 2GB of VRAM.

Quests & ZonesEdit


  • Deceased creatures and humanoids not associated with quests no longer erroneously display "Examine" prompts.
  • Fixed a handful of erroneous interaction prompts, such as "Use" appearing when "Talk" is intended.
  • Implemented pathing fixes for assassin-type or bruiser-type monsters to address issues where they would pop up into ceilings when trying to close the distance with opponents, especially in areas with low ceilings.
  • Fixed a number of NPCs who were not playing their greetings when interacted with.
  • Moved the placement of various creatures near Dark Anchor Dolmens, such as mammoths, spriggans, wasps, wisps, mudcrabs, and senche, so they are much less likely to join the encounters.
  • Fixed numerous typos, punctuation, and capitalization issues.
  • Addressed any random floating bodies or objects that you'd find throughout the world.
  • Slightly moved many NPCs so they would behave properly when attacked in relation to the Justice System.

Alik'r DesertEdit

  • Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion: Fixed an issue if you were in a group, you would be on separate layers from the rest of your group after completing the event in the portal room.
  • Gone Missing: To align with the Justice System, the door to Magistrate Sulima's house is now locked, and it will be a crime if you are observed breaking in.
  • Trapped in the Bluffs: Fixed an issue with the quest pin so it now points to Jarrod.
  • Feathered Fiends: Daneem will no longer clip through a building edge while being driven from town. We also fixed an issue so Zihlran will no longer disappear in front of you.
  • The Oldest Orc: Adjusted the tile puzzle to improve messaging and visuals.
  • The Initiation: Adjusted the abilities that Wraithmaster Venerien can use to better match his implied powers. He can also no longer target you if you're outside of his room.
  • Imperial Incursion: Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to use some doors in Satakalaam after completing the quest.


  • Rightful Inheritance: Fixed a line uttered by Rilis XII so that it properly sounds telepathic.
  • Lifting the Veil: Fixed an issue where your quest progress would be blocked by dodge rolling during theater.
  • Phaer: Adjusted this objective to align it with the Justice System in the following ways:
    • The Mercenary Barracks is now locked, and you must break into if you choose that path; doing so is a crime if you are caught.
    • Hendil's House is now locked, though the window opening is still available. Picking the lock is a crime if you are caught.
  • Putting the Pieces Together: To align with the Justice System, Malanie and Condalin's doors are now locked and it is a crime if you are caught picking them.
  • Assisting the Assistant: To align with the Justice System, all of the homes you must break into are now locked. Picking the locks is a crime if you are caught.
  • Lifting the Veil: You will no longer receive the root-break combat tip after drinking with Palomir.
  • The Racer: Malion will no longer cut himself off as he announces the beginning of the race.
  • An Act of Kindness: The quest step to Use Sirinque's Crystal on Weakened Spirits can now be shared with your group.
  • Wearing the Veil: Adjusted the position of some crates for the race so they don't inhibit your forward momentum.
  • A Hostile Situation: Watch Captain Astanya will now only punch player characters that trigger that conversation line, and not other player characters in conversation with her at the same time who haven't gotten that far yet.
  • Vulkhel Guard: You will no longer be given the map for the Vulkhel Guard Prison while standing in an open-air market.
  • The Mallari-Mora: Fixed an issue if you logged out in the middle of this quest, certain NPCs would vanish and you could not speak to them again.

Bal FoyenEdit

  • Breaking the Tide: Fixed an issue where some NPCs could appear in duplicate on certain steps of the quest. Please Note: (This bug still exists after this update on Xbox One)



Bleakrock IsleEdit

  • Sparking the Flame: You will no longer get a prompt to put out fires if you don't have a water bucket.
  • Lost on Bleakrock: Fixed an issue where the dog whistle would occasionally not work.


  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs could be in multiple places at once, or stick around after certain events happened at the end of the Coldharbour quest line.
  • Breaking the Shackle: Fixed an issue where Vanus Galerion was not appearing in the Hollow City after completing this quest.
  • The Army of Meridia: Fixed an issue where door pins were incorrect near the guild strongholds in the Hollow City. We also fixed an issue where King Dynar could show up earlier than intended and block your quest progress if spoken to.
  • The Final Assault: Zombie followers will no longer try to say lines that belong to other potential followers.
  • The Lightless Oubliette: You can no longer mount in any area of this location.
  • Vanus Unleashed: There will no longer be a quest pin on a door that reads "TRACKER GOAL TEXT."
  • An Unusual Circumstance: Any objects you collect during this quest will now be shared with your group.
  • Into the Woods: Spriggan Bark that gets collected for this quest will now be shared with your group.
  • Wailing Maw: Monsters will no longer be able to chase you through closed doors.
  • Between Blood and Bone: Fixed an issue where the quest assist markers on the map would direct you to the wrong areas.
  • What the Heart Wants: Fatahala will now have VO, regardless of what state she is in.



  • Restless Spirits: Fixed an issue where interacting with the braziers would be difficult due to where you had to aim to receive the prompt.
  • Mournhold: Fixed an issue when interacting with Benus Girith; you will no longer stare at him through the hilt of a sword while he is inspecting the weapon rack in the smithy.
  • Plague Bringer: Hlaalu Guards that accompany you into the alchemist's lair now have proper names and identities.
  • A Bitter Pill: Fixed an issue with the location of the quest pin for the quest step to Find Garil.
  • Quarantine Serk: You will no longer hear Aerona speak every time you hit a target.
  • The Naked Nord: You will no longer stutter when attempting to pick up the Nord's pants. Looting the axe and the pants will no longer block other player characters until the object respawns.
  • The Mournhold Underground: Fixed an issue with a quest assist marker showing up incorrectly.
  • Vision Quest: Your quest progress will no longer become blocked if you fast travel to another player character while being locked in the cell. Abandoning the quest in the cell will now properly despawn Valeyn's Familiar.
  • Honor Bound: Fixed an issue where the optional boss, Wisewoman Malinu, wouldn't spawn during the quest.
  • A Bitter Pill: Garil now has a ranged attack.
  • Shad Astula: Sanas Moryon will no longer get stuck and despawn at one of her waypoints.


  • Shadows Over Windhelm: Fixed an issue with the Hidden Caches so they are not visible and glowing while not on this quest.
  • Gods Save the King: Fixed an issue where King Jorunn would occasionally float slightly above the terrain.
  • Kynesgrove: To align with the Justice System, the door to the abandoned house is now locked and can be picked. Doing so is a crime if you are caught.
  • Form Amol: Adjusted this objective to align it with the Justice System in the following ways:
    • The door to the barracks has been locked and can be picked. Doing so is a crime if you are caught.
    • Tailing Commander Yjarnn will not notice you from as far away as he would previously.
    • Hloenor Chill-Owl is now referred to in a more consistent manner in goals and journal text.
    • Ambassadors discovered during this quest now have proper names and identities.
  • Nature's Accord: The Forest Spirit now has an appropriate icon overhead so it can be more easily followed.
  • The Better of Two Evils: Fixed an issue where you could not re-enter the Manor if you left while on a quest step to do activities inside.
  • Lost Crown: Improved the directions for most steps of this quest.
  • Windhelm: Fixed an issue where several guards were sharpening their weapons with the palm of their hand. Ouch!
  • Merriment and Mystery: Fixed an issue where the NPC at the end of this quest would not show up, or would vanish if you left the area and came back.
  • The Siege of Cradlecrush: Fixed an issue where you could be kicked in the wrong spot if you moved right before getting kicked.
  • Corrected the tooltips for some quest rewards found in Eastmarch.

Fighters GuildEdit

  • Anchors from the Harbor: Fixed an issue where you could speak to Aelif before the theater finished playing. We also fixed an issue where the quest could prematurely advance after logging out during some quest steps.
  • The Dangerous Past: Fixed an issue where the Dwarven Centurion associated with this quest would respawn if you left the room by the door you arrived in and came back.
  • Proving the Deed: Fixed an issue if Aelif got stuck running to the entrance of Ragnthar, the quest would get stuck and could not be completed until you re-logged in. We also fixed numerous issues with this quest in regards to portals and directions to portals.
  • The Prismatic Core: Fixed numerous issues with this quest in regards to portals and directions to portals.
  • Will of the Council:
    • Sees-All-Colors will now use proper combat maneuvers for a sword and shield rather than two-handed maneuvers.
    • Fixed an issue if you relogged, you would sometimes lose Merric as a follower.
    • Fixed an issue if you disconnected during the quest step "Shut down Bloodfonts", the quest markers would show you areas you've already completed.


  • Bloodthorn Assassins: Fixed an issue that caused your progress could become blocked if you crashed or logged out when prompted to talk to King Casimir.
  • Reclaiming the Elements: The quest steps to destroy the Corruption of Air, Earth, and Water are now more group friendly.
  • Rally Cry: Shaza will once again speak properly during the attack. You can also no longer avoid fighting Moorfang the Ravenous to reach the lever.
  • Hidden in Flames: The quest area pins for the quest step to collect werewolf blood and cure citizens are now much larger and more accurate to where you can find viable targets.
  • Season of Harvest: Improved the interaction with Eveline Vette.
  • Turning of the Trees: Fixed an issue where some quest goals showed up as "TRACKER GOAL TEXT" in the compass.
  • Lineage of Tooth and Claw:
    • Battlemage Lexi will no longer teleport away before finishing her dialogue.
    • Fixed an issue where you could potentially have multiple captured werewolf followers.
    • You will no longer become blocked if multiple player characters are attempting to capture the same werewolf.
    • When you arrive at the cave ritual scene, it will no longer look strange if there are multiple groups in the same area.
  • Wolves in the Fold: Fixed an issue where werewolves were not transforming if they were knocked back before transformation was complete.
  • Legacy of Baelborne Rock: Fixed an issue where you could have both Tsiniuc and Danel Telleno walk to stand on top of one another.
  • The Ghosts of Westtry: Fixed an issue with Rosalind so she doesn't shove you into a fire. What a jerk.
  • A Lingering Hope: Weapon and Armor caches in Camlorn now have collision.
  • Memento Mori: Adjusted the quest pin on Rosalind's remains so that it is now more accurate and properly centered on the skeleton.
  • The Fall of Faolchu: Increased the range for the various tower defending events so you won't fail the step by running out to meet the werewolves.
  • Vines and Villains: Fixed an issue where Guard Adel would sometimes despawn before being able to grant you the quest.


  • Bone Orchard: Replaced the skulls of the giant beasts throughout the Bone Orchard with different creatures.
  • The Orrery of Elden Root: Fixed an issue where the Queen and her aides would not spawn when you spoke to Daraneth after using Rahjin's Mantle.
  • The Innkeeper's Daughter: Nellor will no longer have a Store prompt in his dialogue while he is a follower, and will no longer repeat his lines during the quest.
  • Flipping the Coin: Fixed an issue where you could see two versions of Tulira. We also removed some faux-Justice elements of the quest.
  • The Gray Mire: Wamasu in this area will no longer be drastically more powerful than other creatures of its type and level.
  • Phantom Guilt: The quest step to "Find the Jeweler" will now have a more accurate quest pin.
  • Ossuary of Telacar:
    • The hostile NPCs in this objective are now properly named in accordance with other creatures of their type and style.
    • The Unquiet Dead: Interactions with Calion's Husk will no longer be too close to the Atronach.
    • Reduced the Pale Sentinel's ability to slaughter other spirits.
    • Fixed an issue where you could see multiple versions of the Pale Sentinel belonging to group members.
  • Unsafe Haven: Your quest progression will no longer be blocked on the quest step to open the gate by wayshrining out, dying, or leaving the area and running back into the fort. We also created a new graveyard inside the fort that only functions if you die while within the fort.
  • Enemies at the Gate: Created a new quest item that gets added to your inventory when you receive this quest by interacting with the bandit orders labeled "Wear Them Down".
  • Carnival Conundrum: Sulmir the Villanous Daedra will no longer have a hostile compass pin.
  • Passage Denied: You will now need to be closer to the Covenant Portal in order for the wand to work when shutting it down.
  • The Wandering Minstrel: You will no longer see two versions of the NPC "Lobelathel" when another player character is further along in the quest.
  • Bosmer Insight: The Wolf spirit monster will no longer summon flesh-and-blood wolf adds.
  • King Camoran Aeradan has henceforth banned the use of mounts in his throne room, under pain of being barbecued and eaten by his hungry advisors.


Khenarthi's RoostEdit

  • The Tempest Unleashed: You will no longer receive a follower icon over an invisible target when Ealcil is speaking to you through his Psijic projection. We also fixed an issue where you could speak to other player characters' followers.
  • Storm on the Horizon: Fixed an issue where you could see multiple versions of Razum-dar on the quest step to talk to him. The world can only handle one Razum-dar at a time.
  • Moon-Sugar Medicament: Relocated the notes that can act as alternate bestowals for this quest so they are not too close to hostiles.
  • Fixed several locations where you would get randomly dismounted.
  • The Perils of Diplomacy: Ulondil will now writhe and scream if you allow the Green Lady to dispose of him. We also fixed an issue so the forged letter from Zali will no longer appear as a blank dialog interaction.

Mages GuildEdit

  • Sheogorath's eyes are now properly gray with pale irises rather than stark white.
  • Simply Misplaced:
    • You can no longer get knocked outside of the world when affected by certain abilities near doors.
    • The Wabbajack will now work more like other staff-type weapons, causing you to turn to face whatever it is you are shooting at.
    • Fixed an issue where Haskill might not reappear if you leave and re-enter certain areas.
    • Fixed an issue if Korthor got stuck while fighting him, he would not respawn until you relogged.
  • Circus of Cheerful Slaughter: Fixed an issue where the Ebonheart, Aldmeri, and Daggerfall actors could block quest progression if they become stuck.
  • Chateau of the Ravenous Rodent: Uncle Leo will no longer take any sass from you; He's gained boss immunities to crowd control effects.
  • The Mad God's Bargain: Sheogorath will no longer have two quest pins after defeating Haskill. We also fixed an issue where Valaste could get stuck if you died while she was following you.

Main QuestEdit

  • The Harborage: Fixed an issue if you leapt off the ledges while the Prophet was trying to teleport you back to the real world, you would die and get stuck.
  • Castle of the Worm: Adjusted the Overwhelming Power debuff that Mannimarco inflicts upon you while he is vulnerable in case you try to dodge roll, block, or somehow stun yourself as the ability attempts to remove itself. Also, Abnur Tharn's collision will no longer linger after he gets sucked underground, which led to a situation where you couldn't stand on the battlefield.
  • Halls of Torment: The Lyris Doppelganger received some changes to her abilities so she is not as frustrating to fight for those that lack area-of-effect attacks. The Tharn Doppelganger's ability Swordstorm also now has a proper telegraph.
  • Valley of Blades: You will no longer be able to prematurely interact with the Sigil Stones and break the quest progression.
  • Shadow of Sancre Tor: The Bone Colossus boss no longer instantly despawns on death, and Mannimarco will no longer disappear abruptly near the end of his villainous monologues.
  • Last Council of the Five Companions: This quest's reward will now properly scale to your level.
  • The Weight of Three Crowns: Fixed an issue where you could kill Daedric invaders before the quest step increments and block quest progression. We also fixed an issue if you disconnected during Vanus's scene where he tells you to follow him, you could end up in a state where no portal would show up.
  • God of Schemes:
    • You can now backtrack to a portal at the start of the instance if you wish to escape the area without using a Wayshrine.
    • Fixed and polished the visuals for various prisoners in the area where Mannimarco is located.
    • Cadwell's Silver/Gold: Fixed an issue where the first wayshrines of the alliance would not automatically unlock when traveling to a new alliance.

Malabal TorEdit

Reaper's MarchEdit

  • A Night to Forget: Increased the radius for finding wisps for this quest.
  • In Honor of the Fallen: Fixed an issue where the quest pins for the quest step to talk to Nethrin were in the wrong place.
  • S'ren-ja: Milk-Eyes is once again properly sitting on his chair, and Tazia no longer clips into a barrel fixture.
  • Stonefire Machinations: Improved the overall content for this quest in the following ways:
    • The Dark Anchor sequence is now more robust and visually accurate compared to overworld Dark Anchor events.
    • The mages you fight at the base of the Dark Anchor are more diverse in their abilities and now have proper names.
    • The functionality and flow of these Dark Anchors are now more robust and smooth.
  • An Affront to Mara: Quest items will now have more appropriate icons in your inventory. Collecting the different relics of Mara can now be shared among your group members.
  • History's Song: The quest item for this quest can no longer be "used," which previously removed it from your inventory.
  • Over the Edge: Fixed an issue near Thizzrini Arena to better show where the targets of the quest are located.
  • The Arbordawn Cult:
    • Fixed an issue if you left the temple mid-way through the quest, you would not be able to re-enter the doors.
    • The quest step to destroy the corruption stones can now be shared with your group members.
    • Fixed an issue with the timing of the theater while defending Telenger.
    • The event to defend Telenger will now properly reset if all participants die.
  • Gentle Gardener: There are now sufficient dirt piles on the step to collect soil samples. We also fixed an issue where quest markers were showing incorrect information when you completed gathering certain quest components.
  • Vinedusk Village: Highland hostiles will no longer threaten you from long distances away.
  • A Traitor's Luck: Ebonheart Lodge guards no longer appear if you are in a group with others on the quest, but you aren't on the quest. After intimidating Andwulf, he will no longer return to his post to give you sass.
  • The Fires of Dune: The Dark Anchor will now properly reset when you abandon the quest.
  • Hadran's Fall: If Sind fits, Sind sits. He has been moved away from the box to avoid temptation.
  • The Swordmaster Division: You will no longer be able to be kicked through the doors of Thizzrini Arena.
  • Loose Ends: Fixed an issue where the quest assist to leave the cave would direct you to incorrect areas.
  • A Traitor's Luck: There are now fewer pins on the compass while on the step to set fires.


  • Northpoint: Added blacksmithing, clothier, and woodworking stations to this town.
  • Dream-Walk Into Darkness:
    • You will no longer receive a strange quest failure message upon logging back in if you crash or log out while watching Verandis' theater.
    • Fixed an issue where theater would not properly reset after abandoning this quest.
    • Fixed an issue where speaking to Verandis before his theater was complete could break the quest.
    • The dream sequence at The Doomcrag will once again have the proper overlay effect.
  • The Emerald Chalice: Fixed a number of issues so caves are not so harrowing to navigate.
  • The Price of Longevity: To align with the Justice System, the house that you must break into is now locked, and it is a crime if you are observed lockpicking.
  • A Spy in Shornhelm: Hiding places can no longer be interacted with while not on the quest.
  • A Change of Heart: Attunement steps can now be shared among your group members during this quest.
  • Shornhelm Divided: The quest steps "Stop Reinforcements" and "Close the Portal" will now have proper area pins.
  • In the Doghouse: Fixed an issue where you could not use the Dog Whistle, even if you were in the correct location.
  • Guar Gone: Fixed an issue where the fish merchant would sometimes try to chase you into the water.
  • The Emerald Chalice: Fixed an issue where you could not enter a cave door that your group member had access to on certain quest steps.


  • A Poisoned Heart: Fixed an issue where Rhea and Marius could spawn inside one another when you are knocked down by the poison gas that starts the quest.
  • The Tree-Minder's Fate: The quest pins to Talk to Tree-Minder Deyapa are now more accurate.
  • King of Dust: You can no longer spam the interaction with Lleram, which was previously causing the visuals to break.
  • Hatching Pools: Fixed an issue where some wasp spawners were getting stuck immediately upon spawning.
  • The Hist: Fixed an issue where the quest steps "Witness the Fruit and Stone" and "Witness the True Balance" were broken for some player characters.
  • Ten-Maur-Wolk: Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Ukatsei after freeing him, and Ukatsei could continue following you when he should not.
  • A Pirate Parley: Fixed an issue with the quest assist marker to find the pirate ship.
  • The Thin Ones: You will no longer see developer-facing text when looking at the Vile Basins.
  • The Dominion Alchemist: You can no longer target particle effects on one of the keystones.
  • A Stranger Uninvited: Fixed an issue where some interactable quest targets did not have an icon on your compass.
  • Schism: Food Scraps for the goblins now have a short, five second cooldown.
  • Whispers of the Wisps: Fixed an issue where if you log out while following the ghostly figure, the quest will properly update on login with quest marker information on where to go.


  • Inner Sea Armature: Replaced the machined clones of the Guardian Sphere with standard models. The Guardian Sphere revealed that his name is, in fact, Zozuzetharus.
  • Davon's Watch: Loryn Daveleth and his wife now count towards the achievement "Give to the Poor" for Stonefalls if you offer them money.
  • Exquisite Tears: Fixed an issue with this quest so that stealing the wine can now be shared with your group members.
  • Delaying the Daggers: Fixed an issue so that doors associated with this quest have a proper compass pin.
  • Fort Arand: Improved the content for this quest in the following ways:
    • Using the flasks of blinding light will now spawn specific named opponents that you must defeat. The bodies near which you would use the flasks have also been moved to more appropriate locations.
    • Ahknara has been reworked to be an assassin-type monster.
  • Hrogar's Hold: Improved the content for this quest in the following ways:
    • Reworked the wave event inside the Hall so it's more stable and reliable.
    • All guards and defenders near the Hall have been restaged in a more believable fashion.
  • A Gathering of Guar: Reworked this quest so everyone gets their own guar to rescue. The Guar also now have proper names, and quest pins have been updated accordingly.
  • Iliath Temple: The injured soldiers you must save are now specific to you and have proper names. The pickaxe is also now an actual pickaxe and not a crate from which you loot one.
  • A Bit of Sport: Renamed Lumber Wagon Guards to Wagon Escorts so they are not confused with guards for the Justice System.
  • Sathram Plantation: Ulov will no longer respawn quickly and repeatedly, and will only spawn when you are on the quest step to kill him. Ulov now also has proper abilities, and will not animate strangely while attacking.
  • Restoring Order:
    • There will now be a quest pin to show you the location of house.
    • You are no longer required to have a discussion with a piece of furniture to get to Rhavil when you trespass in his house.
    • Alexandra Conele will now summon scamps after her projection speaks to you near the ritual tome.
    • Rhavil's House and the Supply Shack are no longer restricted by the quest Restoring Order. Their locks may be picked.
  • Fort Virak: The steps to investigate the Covenant troops have been reworked significantly to be less illogical and make more sense in the fiction of the area.
  • A Son's Promise: The Crow Mother can no longer be interacted with as she flees for the undercroft hatch.
  • Decree of the Court: The Silver Dagger will no longer be buried under dirt and twigs.
  • House Dres Crypts: Fixed an issue where you could be thrown through doors when affected by knockbacks and standing adjacent to it.


  • Firebrand Keep:
    • Knights with similar allegiances will now group together and react accordingly when you trigger them to pick a side. Removed some instances of multiple quest pins.
    • Fixed an issue so the Omen of Fear will no longer forget how to fight if you block certain abilities.
  • Koeglin Village: To align with the Justice System, breaking into the house for the quest "False Accusations" is now a crime if you are caught picking the lock.
  • King Aphren's Sword: The quest pin will now appear over King Aphren's head when you are prompted to speak to him.
  • Godrun's Dream: Fixed an issue where you could see two versions of Abbot Durak and General Godrun.
  • A Look in the Mirror: Fixed an issue if you were on the quest step A Look in the Mirror, you wouldn't be able to interact with the mirror properly if your group members were on different steps of the quest.
  • A Predator's Heart: Murk-Watcher will now properly despawn after quest completion.
  • Ogre's Teeth: The number of teeth collected for this quest will now display from lowest to highest when collecting from multiple ogres at the same time.

Stros M'kaiEdit

  • Port Hunding: A goat that was previously trapped between a wall and a dye station has been rescued. The Tamrielic Goatherd Society rejoices at this turn of events. Also, Hamika and Idela will no longer walk to the same place to watch the mudcrab fight.
  • Tip of the Spearhead: You can now optionally murder a servant to steal their disguise in addition to the previous options.
  • The boatswain will now always allow you to travel back to Glenumbra without any pre-requisites.

The RiftEdit

  • Save Your Voice: Runehild will no longer appear after you complete the quest, or are no longer on the step to speak to her. Jakaral will also no longer repeat his initial greeting after becoming a follower.
  • In His Wake: You can no longer burn corpses unless you are on the proper step of the quest. We also fixed an issue where some piles of loose debris did not have quest pins.
  • Pulled Under: Fixed and polished Anchorite Garmar's encounter. You can no longer interrupt his zombie spawns.
  • Trolhetta: There will no longer be two versions of Narir standing near one another.
  • Approaching Storm: Hallfrida will now have quest pins on the appropriate steps to speak to her.
  • The Enemy of My Enemy: Israk Ice-Storm will no longer appear and disappear so close to where you acquire the quest.
  • Storming the Hall: There are now appropriate plaques at the feet of the statues.
  • Through the Shroud: Fixed an issue where your transformation would not be cancelled if you abandoned the quest while turning into a skeleton.
  • The Thunder Breaks: The fourth banner will now appear after the quest step to raise the banners.
  • A Walk Above the Clouds: Braving the frigid peak of Forelhost for this quest is now easier for groups because everyone will share the same kindling, and kindling is no longer consumed when lighting a camp fire. The Animus Geode will also no longer disappear from your inventory on certain quest steps, only to return later.
  • Trial of the Body: The brawlers at Gerimund's Hall will no longer back down when their target is weak; this will fix an issue when multiple player characters (or summoned pets) are fighting them.
  • Concealed Weapons: The choice made within the Nimalten Barrow is now shared with your group members.
  • Securing the Pass: Ebonheart Pact player characters scaling the summit of Trolhetta in The Rift will now be able to stay together even after taking down the Worm Cult wards.
  • Stomping Sinmur: You will no longer be able to use Shards if you die while a Shard is in use.



  • Hircine's Gift:
    • You can no longer prevent your transformation during the quest by dodge rolling in the middle of the scene.
    • Your progress will no longer be blocked if you ignore the goals and run around the instance, or neglect to feast on fallen enemies.
    • You will no longer be stuck sprinting after the quest step "Feed With Your Pack".
    • Songamdir will once again be present after completing the quest.
    • Logging out or crashing while attempting to become a werewolf will no longer block you or cause werewolf NPCs to behave oddly.



  • The option to "Use" an item is no longer visible in cases where the item cannot be used (such as the bank, guild bank, and selling items).
  • Fixed an issue where grouped achievements were not updating properly whenever you harvested a node or unlocked an achievement (for example, when "Harvest 50 Nodes" is complete, the "Harvest 100 Nodes" will now display as 50/100).
  • Fixed an issue where the preview points for stats were not displaying while attribute points were being adjusted.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip to feed your horse wouldn't show up when you moused over the food.
  • Fixed an issue where applying enchantments to an item in your inventory didn't change its name.
  • Fixed an issue where item names were not displaying properly in the "Destroy item" window.
  • Added text when you are using the Pledge of Mara to show that you are initiating the pledge, not receiving the pledge.
  • You will now receive an error message when attempting to use the Rings of Mara, but are not targeting another player character.
  • The weapon swap button will now appear as disabled on the HUD if you are in a state that does not allow weapon swapping.
  • You will no longer be framed while in the Settings > Camera window.
    • The camera will change to the normal game camera so that you can view your changes in real time.
    • You can swap between the third- and first-person views while in this mode by using the First/Third Person keybind (defaulted to the V key).
  • An error message will now display when you try to use a quick slot item from the main inventory.
  • Your contacts list and guild roster will now properly display the grayed out veteran icon for offline contacts.
  • Additional rows have been added to the Achievements Summary pane for better viewing.
  • Gold will now always be listed to the right of your Alliance Points while at a vendor.
  • Fixed an issue where overhead indicators for other player characters would not show up at certain distances.
  • Fixed an issue where some costume tooltip text was poorly formatted in French and German.
  • You can no longer open interactable objects (such as crates or dressers) if you are moving while attempting to open them.
  • Fixed an issue where health regeneration wasn't actively updating on the character panel.
  • Fixed an issue where dyeing one piece of armor would cause all equipped armor to gain the "Bound" text in the toolbar, even if the armor is not actually bound.
  • You will no longer login after pressing the Enter button while attempting to delete a character.
  • Newly acquired items in the Deposit section of the bank will now have a "New" icon listed next to the item.
  • Fixed an issue where the keys for interact (E), ultimate (R), and quest cycling (T) would not function properly after UI is toggled back on after death.
  • Extra-long sentences in the Dragonstar Arena journal will no longer be cut-off.
  • A message will now inform you that you cannot use items while dead.
  • Fixed an issue where Point of Interest icons would reappear on the compass after an Objective has been completed.
  • Fixed an issue where the compass and in-game markers for quest-relevant items would occasionally stop displaying during some steps of a quest.
  • Entries within the Leaderboard will no longer be cut off by the edge of the column, and will instead be truncated with ellipses with full text shown on mouseover.

Alliance WarEdit

  • You can now double click a campaign in the Campaign List to enter or queue into it.
  • The Local Campaign option under leaderboards will now only display while you are in a Guest Campaign.
  • The Emperor leaderboard now displays alliance icons in a column next to player character names.
  • Your gold will now be visible while visiting a vendor that only sells items for Alliance Points.


  • Dye achievement popups that are linked through chat are now properly aligned.
  • The friends icon will remain visible in the chat panel if you have at least one friend online.
  • Fixed an issue where the overflow arrow from the chat window would still appear if the chat window was hidden.
  • Fixed an issue if you un-hid the chat window, excess tabs would appear.


  • Fixed an issue where the glyph slot was highlighted even when you had no glyphs available.
  • Fixed an issue where the Alchemy UI would occasionally become unresponsive after you reset your skills.


  • Implemented several updates to the camera:
    • Third-person camera settings have been expanded to include Horizontal Position, Horizontal Offset, Vertical Offset, and Field of View settings.
    • First person camera head bob is now available. The extent of the head bob can be tweaked within the Settings>Camera menu. Under the First Person section, you will see a slider for Head Bob.
    • Implemented dynamic field of view:
      • While sprinting, you will see field of view changes while in first-person mode. In third-person mode, the field of view will only change if you are close to your character.
      • While blocking in first-person mode, your field of view will zoom in.
      • This feature can be toggled under the Settings > Camera menu. Under the Global section, you will see a toggle for Field of View Changes.
      • While moving your ground target around for ground-based abilities, the target will now stop at the maximum range for that ability.
    • Previously, the ground target would continue to move beyond the valid range for these abilities, and subsequently could not be cast.
    • If you wish to use the previous behavior, you may do so by going into the Settings > Gameplay Menu. Under the Combat section, you will find a setting labelled "Ground Targeting Range Lock".
  • Improved ground targeting so ground-based abilities will attempt to cast at the nearest valid location if you are targeting an invalid location, and also improved the overall feedback when successfully casting a ground-based ability.
  • You can now set keybinds for Weapon Set 1 and Weapon Set 2.
    • These can be found in the keybind window under the Combat menu. By default, these are unbound.

Grouping Tools=Edit

  • Fixed an issue if you selected a role at the same time a group search started, the icon to toggle roles could not be used.

Guilds & Guild StoreEdit

  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in all guild members being able to use guild chat, regardless of set permissions.
  • Guilds with less than ten members can no longer deposit gold into the guild bank, but can still withdraw gold (assuming they have the appropriate rank to do so).
  • Guild Member Notes will no longer appear (either as an icon or text) for those that don't have the "Read Member Note" privilege.
  • Sorting preferences by price in the Guild Store will now be stored when you leave and revisit the store.
  • There will now be an indication if you don't have enough gold to purchase Guild Items from within the Guild Store.
  • The prompt to list items for sale in the Guild Store is now disabled if you do not have any gold.
  • The instructions in the Sell tab within the Guild Traders is no longer obscured by ellipses.


  • You will now receive the message "You cannot mail that recipient" when attempting to send mail to someone who is ignoring you.
  • You will now get an error message if you receive an attachment that would put you over the maximum gold limit, rather than accepting the attachment and losing the gold.
  • Fixed an issue if you attached an item to a mail or tried to send gold, then switched to C.O.D, the postage would not clear.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from sending multiple mails with attachments in a row.
  • The "Link in Chat" function now works for items attached to a piece of mail.


  • Custom waypoints will no longer disappear when you enter a dungeon.
  • Fixed an issue if a group member would place a new Map Ping and Group Rally Point, you would hear both sets of audio overlapping.
  • Fixed an issue if a group member would place a new Map Ping or Group Rally Point, you would hear the audio no matter what zone you're in.
  • The "Mousewheel Zoom" UI no longer appears on maps for PvE dungeons where it's impossible to zoom.
  • Fixed an issue where pins for group members would continue to display on the map when they were offline.



  • If you log out of the game while speaking with a guard that is collecting your bounty, you will get stuck at a loading screen when returning to Character Select.
  • There are currently duplicate keybindings available for some actions within the Controls menu. Keybindings for any duplicate entries should be ignored and left as unassigned.
    • For example, Ability 1 is currently showing up twice. Only the first Ability 1 is mapped to the 1 key; the second is Not Bound, and mapping it to a key will not do anything.
  • Ultra settings will now require a video card with 2GB of VRAM. If you're currently using auto-detect, your graphics will still be set to Ultra if you have a 1GB video card.
  • The leaderboard is not currently including the bonus for completing a Trial on difficult mode.
  • If you are mounted while you log out of the game, you will still be mounted when you log back in and pressing H will not allow you to dismount. You can crouch as a temporary workaround to dismount.

Crown StoreEdit

  • General UI
    • If you turn off the UI and are stopped by a guard, you will not be able to turn the UI back on in the middle of this conversation which may force you to "flee" and be hunted by the guards. We recommend not toggling UI display while you have a bounty and are in the presence of guards.
    • If you use a repair kit purchased from the Crown Store directly on an item, it will only repair that particular item. As Crown Repair Kits were designed to repair all items in your inventory, right clicking on the repair kit itself will result in all items being repaired.
    • There is currently an issue preventing saddlebags from showing on your mount if you have upgraded the carrying capacity. You still have the extra capacity, but the saddle bags will not display.
  • Collection Window
    • General
      • If you scroll through the Collections window with your mouse wheel while mousing over collectibles, the unlock/lock label within the collectible tooltip may become misaligned within the tooltip. When this happens, that label in the tooltip will shift to the left, colliding with the tooltip icon.
      • Long pet names may result in a letter being clipped off the end of the name.
    • Costumes
      • The Draugr Polymorph does not currently apply correctly to female player characters.
      • If you enable the Draugr Polymorph costume and change to another costume, your face will be altered. Relogging will fix this issue.
      • The head portion of the Jester Costume does not yet fit properly on Argonians and Khajiit.
      • Wearing a costume while in werewolf form will result in a few display issues.
  • Crown Store Window
    • General
      • There is not yet a button to reload the UI on the Crown Store error dialog.
      • The search field in the Crown Store is still a work in progress, and may not return all results.
      • The Purchased/Not Purchased filter does not affect the Consumable tab of the Crown Store, as these can be purchased multiple times. This will be removed in the next PTS update.
      • There is an extraneous <<X:1>> displayed above your Crown Balance.
      • The UI does not yet properly show you how many potions, repair kits, or soul gems you receive upon purchase.
        • Health/stamina/magicka potions: 20 potions per purchase.
        • Repair kits: 10 per purchase.
        • Soul Gems: 10 per purchase.
    • Item Previewing in the Store
      • You will see some abnormalities while attempting to preview items in the Crown Store if you are dead or being resurrected.
      • The mouse cursor to rotate an item will remain on-screen in the event that you move your character at the same time you hold down the mouse button to rotate the preview window.
      • Certain costumes, such as the Black and Maroon Dress and Jester Outfit, are missing the torso if you attempt to preview them while wearing a Guild Tabard.
      • If you toggle the Hide Helmet setting to on, it will affect the preview of costumes that cover your head and hide your helmet as well.

Justice System Stolen Items

  • The distribution of higher quality items does not correctly scale based on level of content. This means it is currently more rewarding than intended to steal from low-level areas and less rewarding than intended to pilfer higher-level ones.
  • Currently, stolen items that are green and blue quality vary in price based on the level of the zone they are from. This is not intended.
  • The price a Fence will pay you for a stolen item does not currently match the value on the stolen item tooltip.
  • The cost to launder stolen goods at an outlaws refuge is currently set higher than intended.
  • Some of the Justice System tutorial pop-ups are not currently working.
  • Some items you can steal may have missing or incorrect icons.
  • The drop-rate of valuable items you can get by pickpocketing from or murdering NPCs is currently set higher than intended.
  • Currently green-, blue-, and purple-quality stolen items sell for more than is intended.


  • Update 6 is the largest update to ever be released for the game.
  • Update 6 was officially unveiled on December 4, 2014.
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