Uraccen is a Breton Reachman and a prisoner in Cidhna Mine. Afraid he would be blamed for stabbing a Nord nobleman to death, Uraccen joined the Forsworn. After being forced to kill several Markarth Guards to flee the accusations unscathed, he was sent to the prison to mine silver ore to pay off his crimes. Because of his incarceration, he was forced to leave his daughter, Uaile, behind.


  • Uraccen offers information about Cidhna Mine to the Dragonborn if they become incarcerated there while attempting to sleuth out Madanach.
  • He directs the Dragonborn to Grisvar the Unlucky for a shiv, which he explains is the best chance at getting past Borkul the Beast, the Orc guarding the gate to Madanach.
  • Alternatively, he helps the Dragonborn escape if he or she sided with the Forsworn in "The Forsworn Conspiracy."
  • If the Dragonborn is a Nord, he tells them not to be there while they are going to paint the walls of Markarth with their "kinsmen's" blood.