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Ureso Drath is a Dunmer enchanter and merchant who resides in the Ald'ruhn Temple. She is a Novice-ranked member of the Tribunal Temple, and offers her services to the public.


Service-related stats: Bartering Gold: 775 Mercantile Skill: 10


Ureso is an apprentice enchanter, and offers her services to all who can afford them.


Ureso sells a variety of restocking scrolls and leveled enchanted items. Her leveled items may include amulets, belts, rings, helms, or shields. Her weapons are enchanted to Drain Health or inflict Fire, Frost, or Shock Damage.


She offers the following wares:

A number in the Restocks column indicates that a limited quantity of the item restocks.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Ureso Drath is a skilled Enchanter and alchemist. She is a journeyman of the Destruction school of magic, her primary means of combat. She also has 34 points in Mysticism. Drath is an apprentice-level practitioner of both unarmored combat and her preferred melee weapon type, Blunt Weapon. Her equipment is leveled and is not guaranteed to include a weapon, so she may engage in unarmed combat with only 6 points of Hand-to-Hand skill if depleted of Magicka. Primary Skills
Destruction 54
Alchemy 44
Enchant 44
Unarmored 44
Blunt Weapon 36

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Fire - 75%

 • Ancestor Guardian

 • Demoralizing Touch
 • Lightning Bolt
 • Lightning Storm
 • Poisonbloom
 • Rally Beast
 • Rally Creature
 • Rally Humanoid
 • Rallying Touch
 • Shockbloom
 • Wearying Touch


 • Common Robe
 • Common Shoes

 • Scrolls (listed in wares, above)
 • Two leveled enchanted items (listed in wares, above)


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