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Skalg led us true. Maybe I judged him too harshly, but I still say his love of the Webspinner goes too far. The trail was clear once we broke the ice, but he claimed he could see the webs of Mephala's Song guiding him.

We found Lakora and her companions, wounded but alive. You won't believe what they found beneath the mountain, Uraka. We've all seen the work of Dwarves before, but this ....

It's some kind of forge, built to harness a power I can't see. But I feel it all around me in this place. It's so warm here, yet every so often I find myself shivering.

There's no trace of the Dwarves. None of their guardians remain to tend the place. It's falling apart. Why would they abandon such majesty?

Guzal says we should claim the place as our own.

Rebuild and reshape it. Make it ours. Skalg, damn him, says this was Mephala's wish ... the thread we were meant to follow. I don't know.

I just hope I can get back home soon.