"The old mer and I have played the game for some time now. So sad to see another soul caught between us."

Uricantar is an Altmer Mages Guild member found in the Ezduiin Undercroft in Auridon. He is the author of the journal Uricantar's Journal.


Uricantar was a promising student of Telenger the Artificer's, however, he was removed from the Mages Guild after a number of dangerous experiments. According to Andewen, "He couldn't understand that power has to have limits. That some costs are too high."[1]

Uricantar trapped four assistants to Telenger in Ezduiin Undercroft, and used them to open a gateway onto a shard of Aetherius.[2]


  • "And I hadn't planned to be here! I planned to take over from the old mer, and perform the life-binding with Andewen. Instead look at me. This is my last chance for a legacy. To own and control a shard of the Aether."