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  • Location:[?]
  • Author: Uricantar


I've arrived at Ezduiin. I'm still nursing the wounds inflicted by Telenger. And that faithless Andewen. I was certain we would spend the centuries together, she and I. All she had to do was acknowledge my power—and recognize that Telenger's time is past.

- - -

I've explored the surface ruins, and found my way past the ancient magics protecting the ruin's entrance. I have the Undercroft to myself. The spirits here seem to pay me no mind. So far.

- - -

I've found it. The Mallari-Mora was lying just where it had fallen, all those hundreds of years ago. I have nothing but time now. To discover the secrets of Essanyon, and plumb the heights of Aetherius.

- - -

I've encountered a setback. In manipulating the magical energies surrounding the relic, I seem to have rekindled a connection long dormant. The spirits of Aetherius now flood the ruin. The dead bound by Essanyon's ritual once again walk the stones of Ezduiin.

- - -

I have mastered the Mallari-Mora. The enclosed sketches show how its multifaceted sides can focus and purify magicka. While I have yet to muster full control of the Aetherius shard coterminous with this ruin, I do have rudimentary control over the spirits I've summoned. I now have guardians and willing slaves.

- - -

Telenger has arrived. I've sent the spirits to be my eyes. Andewen is with him. This is it. Like misunderstood Essanyon before me, my time has come. I'll take some of his pathetic students, swing wide the gates of Aetherius, and claim my rightful place as arch-mage!