Urlach, "Who Breathed Fire," was an Atmoran warrior who lived during the Merethic Era. He was one of the Five Hundred Companions.


On Atmora Urlach was among the students of the wise war-teacher Adrimk. He had not have earned his name as a warrior yet. Along with Adrimk herself and bunch of other war-students Urlach joined Ysgramor's cause to slay the savage elves who were to blame for the Night of Tears. On the Day of Final Passage he had become a crewmember of the Darumzu, a longboat under command of Captain Ylgar.

During the voyage to the Tamriel, known to Nedes as Mereth, the Darumzu was caught in the Storm of Separation and was separated from the rest of the fleet. However, the boat sailed out safely, arriving at Hsaarik Head just a bit late. Urlach finally earned his warrior name, "Who Breathed Fire," on Tamriel, however, no further details on how it happened have been recorded.


  • His warrior name, "Who Breathed Fire" probably refers to the Dragon Shout Fire Breath, implying Urlach was talented at shouting.