"You really enjoy this whole hero thing, don't you? Everybody fawning all over you? I'm not like that."
―Urnsi Serethi[src]

Urnsi Serethi quote

Urnsi Serethi is a Dunmer living in Aleswell. She is the sister of Diram Serethi, owner and inkeeper of the Aleswell Inn.

Like the rest of the citizens in Aleswell, Urnsi was affected by an Invisibility spell casted upon the small town by Ancotar, a sorcerer residing in the nearby Fort Caractacus. Urnsi is not impressed at all about the help the Hero did to release the spell.



  • "Oh, really? I'm invisible, you say? Thanks for letting me know. Talk to my brother Diram if you want to know all about it."