"I'm sorry to impose upon you like this, but I'm in need of assistance, and I don't know what to do. My husband, Aleron, is missing."
―Ursanne Loche[src]

Ursanne Loche

Ursanne Loche is a Breton commoner of Bravil. She is married to Aleron Loche, but laments his gambling and irresponsible ways. She can be found wandering the city or in Aleron Loche's House. She is the catalyst for the quest "Caught in the Hunt" and its reward giver.


Caught in the HuntEdit

In Bravil, the Hero will hear that Aleron Loche is having problems. The rumors point to Aleron's wife, Ursanne. Go speak with her at Aleron Loche's House or at the local Temple of Mara.