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For other uses, see Urshilaku.

The Urshilaku Tribe is one of the four Ashlander tribes in Morrowind. They can be found at Urshilaku Camp.

The members of the Urshilaku tribe live on the northern coastline of Vvardenfell, and are the most conservative of all the Ashlanders — the Urshilaku are the guardians of the Nerevarine Prophecies and are in sympathy with the Dissident Priests. Amongst all Ashlander tribes, the Nerevarine Cult has the highest influence within this tribe.

During the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, their Ashkhan is called Sul-Matuul and their wise woman Nibani Maesa.


The book Ashland Hymns records a love poem originating from within the Urshilaku Tribe.

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