Not to be confused with Uryne Radarys.

Uryne Nirith is a Dunmer and the servant to the deceased Ralen Hlaalo in his former home of Hlaalo Manor.


The Death of Ralen HlaaloEdit

To start this quest talk to Uryne. She will help the Nerevarine investigate the crime by giving them a description of the murderer.


"It's just terrible what happened. Ralen Hlaalo employed me for years. What will I do now?"

Ralen Hlaalo
"Yes, I was one of Ralen Hlaalo's servants. I saw the Dunmer who killed him with my own eyes. I can give you the murderer's description."
murderer's description
"The Dunmer who murdered Ralen Hlaalo was young with red hair in a tall row over his head as is fashionable these days. He wore bonemold armor and wielded an Dwemer War Axe. I do not know more than that. I am sorry. I wish you luck."