"You do something out of line, I'll put you down."
―Urzoga gra-Shugurz[src]

Urzoga gra-Shugurz is an Orsimer prison guard at Cidhna Mine. She wields a leveled mace, a leveled bow with arrows, and wears full steel armor. Urzoga and the rest of the prison guards are mercenaries hired by the Silver-Blood Family.

Urzoga's background is unknown, barring her relationship to the Silver-Bloods. She never leaves the mine and will sleep in one of the beds near the cell entrance. Her brother, Mulush gro-Shugurz, is the overseer of the Markarth smelter.


Choosing to surrender to the Markarth Guards, the Dragonborn is sent to Cidhna Mine to work off their "crimes" by mining Silver Ore. Urzoga explains the terms of the Dragonborn's sentence.

If the Dragonborn attacks a prisoner or another guard in the mine, Urzoga relentlessly attacks, and the attacks cannot be stopped by yielding.



"Cidhna Mine's for prisoner scum only. Keep out."

Keep out? Why? "This is a jail, owned by the Silver-Blood family. We use the prisoners to mine for ore. It's the most secure prison in Skyrim. Throw scum in, close the gates. No one gets out. So unless you're here to dig, you don't belong here."
You don't look like a guard. "We're not. The Silver-Bloods pay our wage. Every man here is a trained mercenary."


  • She can be killed later if the Dragonborn chooses to, again with no bounty.