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November 23, 2011
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Hey i'm Kennyannydenny and i'm an administrator here on the wiki. If you have any questions, please ask them on my talk page. I work hard to make sure there will be an article for every NPC/Beast in Skyrim. And I add to Morrowind pages. I joined this wiki after buying Skyrim for the Xbox 360. Later, I obtained Morrowind for the pc and Oblivion for the Xbox 360. I've played Skyrim quite some time and buy every dlc on the first day possible. I've spend a total of 694 hours and twenty-eight minutes for my character.

Unfortunately I can't make any good pictures of characters, because I only have Skyrim on the Xbox 360 and making a photo of a TV screen becomes really ugly. So sorry, but every page of Skyrim that I make, still needs a picture added. I can make pictures for Morrowind.

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My gamesEdit

The Elder Scrolls games i have:

Kits Edit

To do list Edit

  • Adding levels to all skyrim characters - Done, a long time ago.
  • Implementing the new ingredients of Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn into the lists - Done.
  • Fixing all pages around the Imbuing Chamber and the spiders added by Dragonborn. - Done together with Jimeee.
  • The Exhalted Skyrim Armor Project
  • Console Commands (Skyrim)/Locations
  • Making sure every Morrowind spell has its own page and in decent form. No stubs!

Ever ongoing thingsEdit

  • Fixing links to disambiguation pages.
  • Formatting pages.
  • Adding info.
  • Making the number of pages in the "Pages missing data" categories as low as possible

Skyrim Character Edit

Jordis Housecarl

Jordis the Sword-Maiden

My Skyrim character is a Redguard born to be a fighter with sword and shield. After a long time he bought every house available in the game and married Jordis the Sword-Maiden and stayed to live in Solitude. Later, he moved to Lakeview Manor with his wife. He keeps Lydia as his steward there and adopted Runa Fair-Shield and Lucia as his daughters. They got Sceolang and Cotton as pets. Together they live happily with the bard Llewellyn the Nightingale and the carriage driver Gunjar.

His house consists of an small entrance with a large main hall behind it. Build against the building are a kitchen, trophy room and a greenhouse.

He tries to collect every unique item ingame, but has lost some of them through stupidiness (selling them and loosing them forever).

He collects weapons, misc. items, quest items, food, ingredients, as long as it is unique (except for books).

He mostly spends his time in Whiterun where he has invested in all the shops available. He sells all his items there, especially at War Maidens. He just became lvl 78 and raised most skills to lvl 100.

All the possible quests, have been done by him, including the quests for the Dawnguard. He has been through every dungeon in the game and cleared them all at least once.

He became leader/member of all the possible "clubs", College of Winterhold, Companions, Bard's College, Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood.

The Redguard recently started travelling to Solstheim and uncovering any secrets there. He's still in the process of doing this.

Stats Edit

Septim Skyrim
  • Gold Found: 2767540
  • Locations discovered: 415
  • Dungeons cleared: 551
  • Days passed: 1682
  • Chests looted: 3229
  • Skill increases: 1461
  • Books read: 643
  • Barters: 25360
  • Quests completed: 139
  • Misc Objectives completed: 436
  • People killed: 3397
  • Animals killed: 1784
  • Creatures killed: 1287
  • Undead killed: 1972
  • Daedra killed: 148
  • Automatons killed: 347
  • Spells learned: 110
  • Words of power unlocked: 87
  • Dragon Souls Collected: 189
  • Times Shouted: 493
  • Ingredients harvested: 3391
  • Potions mixed: 1030
  • Weapons made: 374
  • Total lifetime bounty: 13045
  • Items pickpocketed: 8507
  • Items stolen: 8765

Pages I've startedEdit

See: User:Kennyannydenny/Started pages

Bugs Edit


I encountered a total of 102 bugs of which 13 bugs are fixed. I made a list of encountered bugs here: User:Kennyannydenny/Bugs.

Random funny pics Edit

LOTR funny pic Do a barrel roll

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