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"In these difficult times, we must count on persons such as you to secure our borders from bandits and rabble-rousers. We all profit by your lawful pursuit of the unlawful." — Countess Alessia Caro

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Greetings! Rpg9

Azura Concept Art (Skyrim)

"She is known to be one of the more merciful and benevolent Lords, though her wrath is swift and painful when it is brought about."

I am TombRaiser, one of the bureaucrats here on the wiki. I am also an operator of a bot which is used for monotonous maintenance tasks. I've been editing here for two years now but it certainly feels like I've been here for ages! Recently, I was invited to visit the Wikia HQ in San Francisco to discuss ways we can improve our wiki and to provide and receive feedback on current and future wiki features. You can often find me performing maintenance on pages, updating articles with correct information, as well as keeping up to date on the latest consensus topics in the Consensus Track board. From time to time, you may find me hanging out in the IRC and Wikia Chat, interacting with other members and staff.

I have been making a point to fact check content in accordance with the Construction Sets of Morrowind and Oblivion, and Creation Kit of Skyrim, as I have those tools at my disposal. I don't mod in any serious way, but I do know my way around the CS/CK data files fairly well.

As for The Elder Scrolls games, I started with Oblivion, which was back in 2009. I recently started to play Morrowind, but ended up jumping right into Bloodmoon instead. I thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim and the add-ons Dawnguard and Dragonborn. As for Hearthfire, it was a nice change of pace after much adventuring.

I am currently taking a break from The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Online characters
Aldmeri Dominion
Aldmeri Dominion
Daggerfall Covenant
Online ebonheart crest
Ebonheart Pact
Guild: Elder Scribes (NA)
  • Manjeri: Khajiit Templar
Guild: Elder Scribes, Knights of Cyrodiil (NA)
  • Taibreah: Breton Templar
  • No-More-Tears: Argonian Nightblade
Guild: Elder Scribes (NA)
  • Crilgarin: Altmer Templar
  • Ursula Stormstriker: Nord Dragonknight
Skyrim characters
Victoria, Imperial,
Level 23
Zenna, High Elf,
Level 43
Traisa, Wood Elf,
Level 49
Rita, High Elf,
Level 83
Ursula Stormstriker, Nord,
Level 70
Shadow, Wold Elf,
Level 81
Victoria's Image
  • Class: Rogue
  • Standing Stone: The Lady
  • Primary Skills: Light Armor, One-Handed, Archery
Zenna's Image
  • Class: Archer
  • Standing Stone: The Lover
  • Primary Skills: Archery, Conjuration, Alteration
Traisa's Image
  • Class: Hunter/Thief
  • Standing Stone: Thief
  • Primary Skills: Archery, Sneak, Lockpicking
Rita's Image
  • Class: Necromancer
  • Standing Stone: Ritual
  • Primary Skills: Conjuration, Destruction, Alteration
Ursula's Image
  • Class: Warrior
  • Standing Stone: Warrior
  • Primary Skills: Heavy Armor, One-Handed, Block
Shadow's Image
  • Class: Scout
  • Standing Stone: Steed
  • Primary Skills: Light Armor, One-Handed, Block
Oblivion characters
Anna Knight, Imperial,
Level 24
Rita Camoran, High Elf,
Level 40
Anna's Image
  • Class: Acrobat
  • Birthsign: The Lady
  • Primary Skills: Acrobatics, Marksman, Sneak
Rita's Image
  • Class: Mage
  • Birthsign: The Mage
  • Primary Skills: Destruction, Alteration, Restoration
Morrowind characters
Samara, Dunmer,
Level 56
Samara's Image
  • Class: Spellsword
  • Birthsign: The Lady
  • Primary Skills: Long Blade, Block, Destruction

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