Oh, hello, I didn't see you come in, welcome to my upperclass blog on the creation of Nirn. Now you may want to sit down, have a cup of tea, and relax as we go on a fantastical adventure filled with epic battles and romantic stories.

It all started in the First Era, when Lorkhan and Mehrunes Dagon were all that existed in the Void, Lorkhan approached Mehrunes and said, "Why is it just us in this world? For aren't we deserving of more?" Mehrunes replied "Perhaps, but in the wake of creation, becomes destruction, and for it all to begin, you need ambition." Lorkhan thought for a moment, "SWIGGITY SWAG WHAT'S IN THE BAG?" Mehrunes could tell what Lorkhan was thinking, for he just stated it out loud. Mehrunes said, "Why, it's ambition, of course."

Lorkhan looked to take it from Mehrunes, he shouted out loud "Give it to me!", Mehrunes didn't even hesitate, he gave it to Lorkhan, and as it was passed in to his hand, the realms of existence were created. Lorkhan took to Aetherius, and Mehrunes took to Oblivion, and in the middle, Nirn was created, and all the gods, Aedra and Daedra, were too.

Now, you may be thinking, "None of this happened", and you would be right, it didn't, I made it up on the spot. Anyway, soon the Aedra and Daedra got bored, and thought to themselves, "We have Nirn, why don't we fill it with creatures, that are doomed to continue a cycle of life and death, with reproduction being their only survival?" The Aedra and Daedra decided this would be at the very least, interesting, so they created it, using Mehrunes as a sacrifice, as his ambition overtook him, and the only way to continue was to sacrifice himselves in the wake of development, and even more ambition. The races were created, and they were seperated by great oceans, on to masses of land.

It didn't take long for the mortal races to start developing, they lived, they died, living a lie, in hope of something beyond the barriers of their planet. Soon, a single boy, name Ulfric Stormcloak, was born. And he had one aim, to unite his continent, and then the entire planet, in hopes of breaking free of the great cycle, he gathered an army, and started tearing down the towers which kept the barrier up, travelling the world, he found more and more towers, and more and more races, none of them were seen as lesser beings, for they all had one goal. Soon, as they reached the last tower, the entire world was united, and they worked to break it down, the Aedra and Daedra tried to stop them, but it was no hope, the cycle of life, reproduction, and death, hardened the mortal beings, and made them great in numbers. The barrier was brought down, and the creatures of the world ascended in to a greater state, Ulfric Stormcloak led a seige on the combined forces of the Aedra and Daedra, and as he sat on the throne of the universe, he looked up to the endless void. He saw beyond the dream, and he realised he wasn't real, yet, he was. He achieved CHIN, and he reshaped the entire universe in his image, and renamed himself Anu.

After an eternity of complete peace, with him as the leader, Mehrunes reawakened, his sacrifice undone by sheer willpower, he stepped up to Anu. Anu said "Fool, you think you can fight me? Begone." Anu changed Mehrunes' form, in to a void, and renamed him, as Padomey. Another eternity passed, and Padomey grew in power, and he looked up, just as Ulfric once did, and realised it was well, he also achieved CHIN. And one final time, an eternity passed, both Padomey and Anu grew tired of eachother's presence, and they fought, it seemed endless, but soon they both fell and bled. Their blood lay on the world created by Anu, and reshaped it once more, in to a world where the Aedra and Daedra are at war, and have different goals, and a Nirn where they aren't as easily swayed in to being united. This is the world we know today.

The moral of the story is, check yourself before you Shrek yourself, I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea, because now I must place my head in a toaster and wonder why I did this, tata!