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Hello and welcome, this is the first ever official biweekly update blog, this is for the 6th August, 2014.

Elder Scrolls News

Nightingale Figure

Nightingale Statue Coming Soon

Bethesda has recently announced that statues of a member of the Nightingales is now available for pre-order. It is a sixteen inches tall with only one thousand worldwide, and the artist responsible is Sanjeev Singh. Their retail price is three hundred dollars, and it requires a one hundred dollar deposit for it to be pre-ordered. [1]

TESO Update 3 Goes Live

The new update introduces the ability to dye your armour, with dyes being available based on achievements that have been unlocked, as well as a lot of bonuses for guilds; custom guild ranks can now be created, as well as guild tabards. Guilds may now also buy guild stores throughout the world in order to sell to the wider community as a new way to make gold.[2]

TESWiki News


After a long wait, KINMUNE is back, in order to log the chat and provide chat users with a way to see what went on while they weren't there. This recent event has rendered the Bot to Provide Logs of Special:Chat consensus no longer necessary until further notice.

Wikia News

Wikia Chat Problems

Recently there have been multiple problems concerning chat, including crashing and complete downtime, the chat has become more stable as of recently, we can hope that it stays this way for a while to come. If chat happens to go down again soon, don't forget to check out IRC.

Battle of the Fantasy Foods

Battle of the Fantasy Foods is back! Now with all new stakes, with the winner being featured by Wikia in New York Comic-Con 2014. Make sure to vote or nominate one that you would like to see win. Check the references for more information.[3]

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