Though the news in this is real, this is a test blog to go along with the recent Weekly Update Blog consensus that can be found here. Feel free to leave criticism and ideas in the comments.

Hello and welcome, this is the biweekly update blog for 26th July, 2014.

Elder Scrolls News


Plushy Guars Available

Bethesda now sell plushy Guars! [1] A twelve inch soft toy of the infamous Guar can be bought from Bethesda's online store for $20, it comes with a code that unlocks an in-game Guar pet in the PC and Mac versions, as another bonus for buyers of the computer versions of the game.

TESVI Release Date Speculation

Speculation over the Elder Scrolls VI has arisen that mentions the possible release of the game in 2015 or 2016, whether this is correct or not is to be seen. [2]

TESWiki News

Elder Scrolls Episode 6: Return of the Bureaucrat

Elchzard has returned after a long break, making appearances in the forum, chat, and the mainspace.[3] This may result in a boost in wiki activity.

Updated Chat

The TESWiki chat has recently been updated to allow users to add chat hacks easily, and allowing them to change the font of the chat, the background colour, and other visual aspects. The chat now also links to userpages when someone joins the chat. [4] To top this off, a recent consensus thread means that the TESWiki chat may also get a bot once again to provide logs of everything in main chat. [5]

Wikia News

Wikia Maps Implemented

Recently Wikia has introduced a new feature that allows individual wikis to add zoomable and interactive maps easily. [6] An example of its use on this wiki can be found here.

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