Hello one and all, I am UAM, a moderator on the forum and chat of the Elder Scrolls Wiki. As the title suggests, I am retiring, and this blog will desribe the reasoning behind it, whether or not I'll return, and I'll reflect on my time with the wiki.

The Retirement

Why retire?

Good question little Jimmy, the main reason is due to my lack of interest in the wiki and the Elder Scrolls series in general at the moment. By lack of interest, I mean that I simply don't care for editing wikis any more, please keep in mind that I never had any intention of editing the wiki long-term from the very start of my wiki career, therefore it's astounding I've stayed around for as long as I have. Understand that my opinion of editing wikis doesn't reflect the quality of this wiki or the mass opinion of the community, this is very much just me and what I think.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I don't dislike the wiki or the community, so don't consider this a rage quit from the wiki saying "UR ALL CORUPTORZ BAN ME I DUN CARE", I am happy with what has become of the wiki, the forum and chat community in particular has improved tenfold from the "Age of Darkness" as I called it, with the relationship drama and all that, if anything consider this my way of saying "my job here is done". I'm proud of every single member of this wiki, even those who left, retired or have been banned.

Why are you giving up your rights?

It would be very easy for me to keep my rights until I become interested in the wiki again, but that isn't particularly sporting to those who contribute more than me and deserve to become moderators more than me. Look at how it says "fantabulary" as opposed to "fantastic", the fantabulary theory, as Urban Dictionary describes is the idea that "if you want it, it's bad for you". This applies to this situation in that I would like to keep on to my rights just in case I become interested in it, but this involves taking care of responsibilities that I have no interest in, and that's no good for me or anyone else. It's not that I'm saying I don't deserve the rights, I've earned the time that I have used them, but as many users have said, rights are tools not rewards, since I'm not using them there's not much use in me keeping them.

Will you return?

Who knows? I can't predict anything at this time, I may return in a few days, maybe a year or two, maybe never. It's likely I will be checking up on the wiki occasionally though, but probably in the form of lurking, as opposed to actively posting or joining chat.

Are you retiring as VSTF?

At the moment, no, I will try and occasionally pop in to do some janitor work, I will also try and keep up with my own wiki.

The Wiki

Would you recommend other people to leave the wiki?

No, retiring from a wiki may sound silly, but it's quite an important choice to those it involves. If I wanted other people to leave, I would pull the old "wiki is rubbish, pls boycott everything". As I've said, I'm proud of the wiki, and continue to be proud until the day the wiki is renamed "Herp Screrlls Werker".

What is the most improved part of the wiki since you joined?

No doubt the chat, when I first joined it was an IRC channel that was practically dead, when it was proposed we move the Wikia Chat, I applied to be one of the first batch of chat moderators and got the job. At first the chat was pretty fun, but it didn't take long until drama to take hold of it, but as time went on and decisions were made, good and bad, the chat eventually became quite a respectable place. It has its ups and down, but always remember that there was a time when the chat was about a few guys being the parents to a walrus.

What would you consider to be your biggest achievement on the wiki?

Probably the fact that at one point I was more or less a lone moderator in a very drama filled chat, I had help from others, but I am happy with what I contributed to the community during that time. I don't have an edit count to show for that, but edit count is fairly irrelevent, and is an inefficient way of showing the amount someone has contributed.

Do you dislike anyone on the wiki?

Not particularly, even those who were banned from the wiki have contributed in their own way, a mutual enemy brings people together as they say.

If you have any other questions regarding this, feel free to post a question in the comments, I will stay around for a bit just to check up on that. If you want to contact me leave a message on my talk-page, I'll see it when I'm just trying to find some help on Wikia. Anyway, goodbye all, and remember, Ng'Pasta is always watching.