And welcome back to Blog Critic everybody, Blog Critic here hoping that everyone had a very merry Christmas, Kwanza, or general good Holiday time, and are looking forward to the new year, and you know what that means! A whole year of me revewing these blogs, and the very first one I read when I got back was Skyrim Guy's "Skyrim Flaws." (Sigh, rubs eyes). People, if this is the crap your going to put me through, your better off not making blogs at all. I was considering taking a break from smacking Zippertrain and his blogs around just to review this blog of Skyrim Guy's, but there isn't a really a lot of revewing I could do off of one sentence. So, here's a review within a review. Rating? It sucked. Don't ever show your face in the blogging world again. (Formal apology to Skyrim Guy.) Now that that's over with, we will return to Zippertrain85's blog, which is actually a refutation of an older blog, "Why the Imperials should prevail over the Stormcloaks" by a user: JoshofBlades. How good of a refutation remains to be seen, but it did spark contraversy within the comments, with much backlash from Imperial supporters and scholars, as anything with the words "Why" and "Imperials" and "Should" and "Prevail" and "Refuted" in the  title. Needless to say, there were more haters than supporters for our own Zippertrain,  but let's see if their hate was justified. (Note: The italic text represents the blog written by JoshofBlades, while the Bold text is the refutation itself from Zippertrain85)

Two years ago a certain blog was released by a user only known as JoshofBlades. This blog explained why the Empire was supposedly better then the Stormcloaks, and how we needed it in order to stop the Thalmor. It was really popular in the day, but it did get many things wrong. As a matter of fact, these blogs were one of the reasons I wanted to make an account on Wikia. Because I wanted to show the community a different side of things. So let's delve into this, once and for all. 

"Well if you remember the Empire was victorious in the War but signed the White-Gold Concordant(for those of you who don't know it's the legal document that banned the Worship of Talos) To bring peace as the war was slowly weakening the Empire, I don't agree with the terms of the Contract but as a loyal citizen I must abide by it. And at a time like this the Empire must remain resolute as the Thalmor and Dominion grow stronger. Which is why we can't have people like Ulfric Stormcloak trying to divide Tamriel further."

I can't believe I'm saying this, but he's right. The Empire was victorious in the war, that's why sigining the White-Gold concordat was unnecessary. Because it brought irrelevent suffering for a war the Empire could've won? This is supposed to be a pro-Imperial blog, right? But the next sentence is what really gets me, as a loyal citizen you'll abid by these ridiculous and obviously unnecessary rules? If the Empire told you to jump off a bridge would you do it, because you're a "Loyal Citizen"? It's the same logic really. And his final sentence is incorrect. The Empire is the one dividing everyone apart, by signing the White-Gold Concordat even though they could've won, and abandoing Hammerfell. Ulfric is the only one that's actually standing up to the Dominion. 

"Also it extends beyond personal belifes and crosses into what's best for Skyrim and Humans (Beast Race's also) of Tamriel. The Aldmeri Dominion is ruled by the Altmer (or High Elves) whom are the most rigidly caste people of Tamriel, assuming they were to control Tamriel what would that do for Imperial, Nordic, Argonian, Khajiit, Orcish, Reguard, Breton way of life in Tamriel? Obliterate it!! It would go back to the time where the Alyied Kings ruled central Cyrodiil before Alyessia rebelled. There was no Human way of life just Alyied, now imagine that spread all over Tamriel. Look at Valenwood, it was taken by the Dominion in force and many Wood Elf clans and families, were purged, destroyed and out right wiped out. Are those the ones you want ruling Tamriel?"

I agree, that's why I don't support the Empire, since what they're doing is helping the Dominion get Tamriel to this point. It's time like this when I forget which side he's actually on.

Alright, let's go down the line. So the title. Zipper has a way with titles, making it so that it seems like he is deliberatly trying to start a flame war. Don't put something like "Something Imperials Yeah" refuted. Trust me Zippertrain, I wouldn't say it was really refuted. Plus, you could have given us something softer, like "My thoughts on this blog" or something like that. To be honest, people would have found a reason to b*tch and moan anyway, but that's not the point. In the introduction, Zipper agknowledges the author, at least he did that right, ten points, and he goes on to say that he will finish this debate once and for all...heh...hehaha. hahahahahahah,



Moving on.

       Now, as much as I like judging blogs and stuff, I'm not going to review the other guys blog along with this one, but JoshofBlades's blog wasn't really a good blog to refute. Apparently it was popular, but I think it was popular int he sense everyone who didn't like the Imperials hated it and viewed it as the work of a five year old who knew nothing about Skyrim. Were just going to focus on Zippers response to them. In the first refutation, Zipper doesn't really make it clear on what his point is, rather than point out the flawed logic behind Josh's blog, following the Imperial law and such like "a good citizen." I support the Empire as well, but even I have to admit, Josh's logic was a little dumb. It doesn't really help the case of the Imperials, and Zipper builds on it. At first, Josh was saying that the concordant was needed to bring the Empire to peace and give everyone a breather from the Great War. Zipper, like a lot of die hard freedom fighter Stormcloaks, view the concordant as uneccesary and that the Imperials could have won the war if they just gritted their teeth and took whatever the Dominion threw at them, eventually going to win. I'm not here to refute their arguments, only judge the quality of the argument, but still, come on, after so many lives lost, we need a break. I feel the Imperials pressured enough to justify their signing of the concordant, and the elves went along with to, meaning they felt the same way. Then Josh takes a jab at Ulfric, as all diehard Imperial fans do, since Ulfric is an easy target, and says that Ulfric is dividing the Empire further, driving us all away from progess. Zipper follows up and says Ulfric is the only one standing up to the Dominion and the Empire was driving everything apart. 

   I like the Empire, I really do but I agree with Zipper. The Empire didn't do a real good job keeping things together. With an actually half intelligent response, there may be hope for this blog yet. Let's continue. So, Josh goes on to explain why the High Elves are even more genocidal race than the Nords and asks if we really want them to rule us. Zipper says no, thats why he doesn't support the Empire.....(Waves hand)...what, that's it? A little explanation goes a long way you know. Care to explain why you don't support the Imperials. Because you don't support the Dominion? Last I checked, the Imperials would rather not be ruled by the Dominion and only submit to their conditions because they're scared of them starting  great war again. I'm down with fighting for freedom, but not when it will cost hundreds of thousands of lives. But, I digress. Bottom line, explain your logic, don't just leave us here with nothing but, "Me no like Empire." On with the rest of the blog.

"Don't fight just for the right to be a free Nord, or the right to Worship Talos, Talos is Hero, God, and King in my opinion of Elder Scrolls lore, but in the end what does it come down to? Survival, which is why the need of the many must be put before the needs of the few. If this contract helps the Empire to survive and rebuild to ensure equallity across Tamriel then who do you think you are to stop prosperity? It may not be your favorite thing at the moment but in the long run Skyrim and Tamriel as a whole will be stronger."

This contract has done NOTHING but weakned the Empire and terrorized it's citizens, it's doing the exact opposite of what you're saying. Ask yourself the same question Josh, who do you think you are to stop people from trying to bring prosperity? For the Dominion, yes. For the Skyrim and Tamriel, no. 

"Also, assuming Ulfric wins the war, do you think he could really secure Skyrim and re-build a new Government with only Mercanarie's and just average citizens for soldiers? The Kingdoms of High Rock (Wayrest and Daggerfall mainly) would be more than a match for an untrained Rebel Army like Ulfric's. Not to mention Elinhir of Hammerfell they would not hesistate to challange Ulfric for Skyrim either."

Is this supposed to be a joke? There is blatent in-game evidence showing that what he's saying is not true. Just talk to Galmar Stone-Fist, he explains how the Stormcloaks only want strong, dedicated heroes to fight for them. The fact that you're trying to say that his soldiers are just average citizens and mercenaries shows how little reaseach you've done. Did you even play the Stormcloak questline before writing this? I hate to break it to you, but not every nation is out to get Skyrim. Just because they're independent doesn't mean that they'll all try and invade it. They still have an army and government, Empire or not. It seems like you're just gasping at straws with that argument. 

Well, that's it for part 1. But there are 2 other parts of these blogs that will be refuted in the future. 

So Josh tries to go Wrath of Khan on us and tells us the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, saying that fighting for freedom is not worth the cost. Josh says we need to compromise and in the long run, the concordant will help Tamriel as a whole. He ask who are we to end that prosperity? Zipper didn't like this part. Zipper respond, saying that the concordant has done nothing but terrorize and repress, something I don't entirely agree with, but again, not here to refute, and gives us the basic fanboy answer. Try delving Zipper. I support your views of freeing the oppressed and s***. But give a good reason other than opinion. The fact is, some people are fine with the concordant, and sure, the Talos thing blows, but its better than all out war, a war we would in all honesty likely lose. Call me a naysayer, but those Elves have some skills. 

  Next up, we have Josh saying that even if Ulfric did succeed in creating a new regime, other armies a lot stronger than Ulfrics would surely come for him. Zipper disagrees, saying Josh didn't do his research, as the Stormcloaks only accept the strongest of-Pffff I can't say this with a straight face. Madman97 supports the Stormcloaks just as much as Zipper, but even He admits that the stormcloak guards around Skyrim are complete morons. The Senile Scribbles on Youtube gets it right. You cannot seriously believe that the Stormcloak army in Skyrim are the most hardcore motherf***ers out there, do you Zipper? I No. Argument shut down Zipper. I can't even. XD. Zipper, you can't say someone is gasping at straws, (whatever that means), for an argument if your own argument is just as bad, if not worse. Ulfric may not be the egomaniac douche everyone makes him out to be, but it is proven fact that there are some outside Skyrim who don't really like him to well. An invasion from another nation while the Stormcloaks setting up shop is a feasible idea to say the least. No need to blast him.

So, final verdict? (Drum roll please)



Final word: I admit, I was originally going to give this a lower rating, but the real problem doesn't really lie with Zippertrain. It's the original blog he was refuting by JoshofBlades. It's just not that good of a blog. You didn't even need to refute it. The only real argument comes at the end with the chance that armies may invade, and if I have to sit through something and have to wait till the very end to get an argument, this is not a blog worth refuting. Then again, this is only a part of the blog. We got two more of these things to go, and Zipper is still refuting. Ugh. Zipper is not the problem, and I don't blame him for this one, and honestly, what intelligent responses can you give to this blog that doesn't really do well in and of itself? So Zipper got out only scratched this time around, but if I see some real arguments from Josh and Zipper doesn't come up to snuff, there is going to be some really angry reviews.The whole thing to me is just pointless, first impressions by JoshofBlades's work have all but been bent over and f***ed in the @$$, but I have an obligation to see it through to the end. So sit tight audience, we got two more of these things coming. Blog Critic Out.