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  • I live in Darkroot Forest
  • My occupation is Phantom Mercenary
  • 6 Xero 9

    Xero is back :P

    June 27, 2012 by 6 Xero 9

    After spending an eternity (or what feels like it) away from you all Xero is back :D

    This calls for a celebration! Where's the cheese!! Scratch that how about cake? No?! Cheesecake it is then!! I fear i have spent too much time with my buddy Sheogorath, and to think it was all for a strawberry tart! But was it worth it? Take a guess you might be right! Or you could be horribly wrong. Writing this to make people laugh, spread my madness, and make sure i get your cheese.

    But really been internet less :/ lack of music is.. maddening. Nothing but silence... and Violence in silence is rarely any fun. Luckily i can now get dawnguard :3 if i get motivated enough to get money first... till them imma hang around on this wiki/Dragon's Dogma. see if i …

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  • 6 Xero 9

    Best moment of Skyrim?

    April 13, 2012 by 6 Xero 9

    What part of the game was your favorite? You had the most fun? Most memorable?

    I had aton of fun in the battle of Whiterun/Solitude nothing says fun like fighting guards to the death, its more fun knowing they keep spawning at one point or another in the battle (solitude atleast does) IMO the game needs more of these moments.

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    What fighting style is prefered? EX. Barbarian, Assassin, Mage, Etc... And why do you like that style?

    Me i like to just run in sword and axe swinging like the viking i am, who has time for plans when you know there is an enemy that needs beheading on the other side of that city wall?

    P.S. Decided to start a Sephiroth based character, gonna be annoying using only a blades sword for a wep and only clothes... not sure what race to use tho...

    P.P.S. Just created a Super Saiyan, Lightning storm and high unarmed dmg increase items ftw!... also no cost for lightning storm as well, WINNING!/ KAMEHAMAHA!!!!

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