After spending an eternity (or what feels like it) away from you all Xero is back :D

This calls for a celebration! Where's the cheese!! Scratch that how about cake? No?! Cheesecake it is then!! I fear i have spent too much time with my buddy Sheogorath, and to think it was all for a strawberry tart! But was it worth it? Take a guess you might be right! Or you could be horribly wrong. Writing this to make people laugh, spread my madness, and make sure i get your cheese.

But really been internet less :/ lack of music is.. maddening. Nothing but silence... and Violence in silence is rarely any fun. Luckily i can now get dawnguard :3 if i get motivated enough to get money first... till them imma hang around on this wiki/Dragon's Dogma. see if i can make articles on items already in-game instead of "possible future dlc" items.... >_> prioities are odd there...

But yea i'm back, wrote my longest blog (And i hate writing!(then again i am typing)) Hope you had a few laughs or somethin. If you wanna show your apprecitaion a donation of cheese and cakes well suffice, i need to make those cheesecakes somehow! :P