99th slayer

  • I live in Minecraftia
  • I was born on February 19
  • My occupation is Creeper Killer
  • I am Male
  • 99th slayer

    The following are backstories to some of my Skyrim characters.

    Maldin: A Nord warrior, he hails from the town of Ivarstead, he lead a peaceful life, if you leave out the occasional wolf pack that passes through. He is currently the Harbinger of the Companions.

    Taria: She is a Breton mage who comes from Wayrest, she is the daughter of an important diplomat currently at Daggerfall, She is a peaceful person and will only resort to violence if there is no other choice and is considered weak because of this. When she was returning to High Rock from Cyrodiil, she was ambushed by a Werebear, she was severely scratched up and even bitten and infected with Lycanthropy. She was later found and brought to a Temple of Kynareth where she was cured. Taria…

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