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    Well, since Minecraft: Skyrim on 360. I was thinking about what other game franchises could have an Elder Scrolls touch. Well, after revisiting some BGM's I liked, and remembering that at least one of the games had a map and scenario creator, heck, there's even a mod for the fifth mainline game dedicated to Tamriel, my choice would be...

    Sid Meier's Civilization series

    Since the Civ series centers on winning through dominations by the likes of politics and culture, I thought this would fit considering TES and it's numerous political and cultral themes. The four human races (Nord, Imperial, Breton, Redguard) are based on real life human races (Norse-Viking, Roman, Celtic, African/Middle Eastern), while it would be tough to match up some of th…

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  • A-91

    Might as well introduce myself

    November 23, 2013 by A-91

    Just call me by my user name, A-91. After a long think and reading several Wiki's on the Wikia, I thought it would be time I would do my share in any edits I can think of.

    Mostly, I'll read around Wikia's for The Elder Scrolls, several fighting games (mainly Mortal Kombat, Soul, Tekken and Smash Bros), several anime/manga, and Nintendo (as well as several of it's franchises like Mario, Zelda, Star Fox). But there may be some others I'll read about (just not in too big amounts).

    My favorite game consoles are the Nintendo 64 and the GameCube (though SNES will always have a place in my heart due to it being my first game console with Mario World, Donkey Kong Country and Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage).

    As I'm writing this from the TES Wik…

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