aka Adam Cosgrove

  • I live in Whiterun, Skyrim / New vegas, Navada / Wales, United kingdom
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is Code Engineer
  • I am Male Nord/ Male Ghoul
  • Adammite

    Hello World

    March 8, 2013 by Adammite


    DATE: Fredas the 8th of First Seed 21E 2013

    According to Aela this 'Blogging' thing is a way for people outside of Skyrim, and even outside of Tamriel to read my mind (are they all bloody mages or something?). I don't know why anyone would want to read what a old adventurer who has taken to many arrows in the knee to give a fuck has to say, but here goes.

    Today i helped the idiotic Whiterun guard deal with some 'very powerful spell-sword thieves' who could 'transform into animals' that have been 'terrorizing' Whiterun for weeks. As i talked to the guards some more they reviled that the 'thieves' had murdered one of the new guards with some 'curved serrated blades that were covered in poison. I went to the thieves appa…

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