DATE: Fredas the 8th of First Seed 21E 2013

According to Aela this 'Blogging' thing is a way for people outside of Skyrim, and even outside of Tamriel to read my mind (are they all bloody mages or something?). I don't know why anyone would want to read what a old adventurer who has taken to many arrows in the knee to give a fuck has to say, but here goes.

Today i helped the idiotic Whiterun guard deal with some 'very powerful spell-sword thieves' who could 'transform into animals' that have been 'terrorizing' Whiterun for weeks. As i talked to the guards some more they reviled that the 'thieves' had murdered one of the new guards with some 'curved serrated blades that were covered in poison. I went to the thieves apparent hideout and what did i find a bunch of treasure loving and disease ridden Skeevers i dispatched them all with one swing of my sword and headed back to Whiterun. On my way back i casually decapitated a random bandit and took it back as 'proof' that i had destroyed the thieves. As i entered Whiterun i was greeted with an almost a parade like celebration of my victory. I was paid 5000 Septims for my 'trouble' and was allowed to keep any treasure i found.

Authors note

None of the events in this post are related to ANY quest in The elder scrolls V: Skyrim. The only things that exist in The elder scrolls V: Skyrim that appear in this story are as follows:



Whiterun guards

This will hopefully be a weekly thing that will take place over 3 worlds/universes (The elder scrolls, Fallout and the 'real' world). hope you enjoyed this please leave suggestions in the comments (such as what universe this will take place in next week).

Adammite out!!!