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    Gamescom Press Pack

    August 22, 2013 by Agent c

    Hi Folks, I'm Agent c from Nukapedia: The Fallout Wiki.

    We're on the Zenimax Press list, and they've kindly sent us some new release images (and fact sheet) for The Elder Scrolls Online. Enjoy.

    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

    Developer: ZeniMax Online Studios

    Release Date: Spring 2014

    Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac

    Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing


    The Elder Scrolls Online is the latest chapter of the award-winning franchise – and will bring the legendary experience online for the first time. Whether you play with your friends or adventure alone, the game’s innovative combat system allows you to focus on action and tactics, not the UI. Use any weapon or armor at any time and customize your abilities to play…

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