In my World History class, we were recently learing about the Roman Empire and the rise of Christianity. Somehow, I got the thought in my head that many aspects of Skyrim's main storyline ( the civil war and all that ) are the same as the Roman empire's. For example: the Roman's believed that the human body was depicted perfectly as having highly defined muscles ( as is apparent in Roman artwork where men are painted with full blown six packs ). Due to this belief, Roman armor was crafted in auch a way that it made the wearer seem as though they had a defined upper body and abs. If you haven't noticed, the Imperial armor is also designed to make the wearer seem muscular in this way. Other designs from Roman armor are also shared by Imperial armor. 

       Another example of Roman history in Skyrim is religion. The Imperials ( who represent the Roman Empire in this scenario ) go about enforcing the ban on Talos worship, while promoting the worship of the other "true gods." Now, if you dont already know, Talos is no ordinary god; he is half man, half god. This, divine quality, if you will, is similar to that of Jesus, the son of God. During the earlier period of the Roman empire, the religion of Christianity was banned, and Romans were instead insisted upon worshipping the traditional, Roman gods. Eventually the ban on Christianity was lifted, and tolerated ( this can be somewhat accomplished in Skyrim by siding with the Stormcloaks during the civil war ).

      Now, I could be very late on this information. If so, feel free to let me know. Perhaps you believe me to be looking too deep into the game. If so, again, feel free to let me know. Maybe you think I am right, and would like to share thoughts on this matter, and PLEASE feel free to let me know!