hmmm dont know if I should do this here.

Can Skyrim be configured to (or has anyone modded already) use "hot buttons"? Meaning I can set my Fast Heal for button 1rh, My Dagger for number 2lh, Bow for 3, double staff for 4 etc.

Look and ye shall recieve.....

The book that comes with the physical copy for PC mentions using 1-8 for hotkeys to select weapons, however it doesn't work the same way oblivion did. So I wanted to write a quick guide on how to use this method of quickly changing weapons/spells.

The directions in the book are poorly worded and I think have a few errors but after some tinkering I figured it out.

For this example I'll use two swords, a shield, fire, and heal for our items/spells. First you have to favorite them by pressing F in the items/spells menus. Then you press Q in game to bring up the favorites menu. Now I love dual wielding so I'm going to L-click and R-click on the sword to put on in each hand, then while I still have the sword selected if I press 1 that assigns that combo to 1 key any time I press it I'm now dual wielding swords. Now comes the tricky part the sword is labeled with a 1 so I can't assign another key to it, but if I put my shield (or any other weapon) in my left hand and press 2 (while that item is highlighted) it will give me a sword/shield combo when ever I press the 2. I can continue this by equipping the heal and pressing 3 and then fire by pressing 4 (while keeping that item highlighted). Want to add a great sword or bow select it and press your desired key.