• Alador1666

    Name: Kartan

    Race: Khajit

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35

    Appearance: Clad in dark blue assasin ROBES, complete with hood and chestplate which consists of light black colored leather and reinforced with ebony. Has same armoe on legs aswell as his strong bracers. He has a black scarf covering the bridge of his nose and everything under that. His fur is pure black, and his eyes are emerald green.

    Spells(Max 8): Invisibility, Muffle, detect life, CLOSE wounds, bound bow, telekinesis, bound sword.

    Powers(Racial + 1): Extremely agile (Khajit roots), night vision

    Equipment: A pair of Ebony daggers for close combat and as primary weapon he conjures a sword or a bow he counts on his stealthynes alot and rarely gets seen in battle unless inevitably necessary. He useā€¦

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