Name: Kartan

Race: Khajit

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Appearance: Clad in dark blue assasin ROBES, complete with hood and chestplate which consists of light black colored leather and reinforced with ebony. Has same armoe on legs aswell as his strong bracers. He has a black scarf covering the bridge of his nose and everything under that. His fur is pure black, and his eyes are emerald green.

Spells(Max 8): Invisibility, Muffle, detect life, CLOSE wounds, bound bow, telekinesis, bound sword.

Powers(Racial + 1): Extremely agile (Khajit roots), night vision

Equipment: A pair of Ebony daggers for close combat and as primary weapon he conjures a sword or a bow he counts on his stealthynes alot and rarely gets seen in battle unless inevitably necessary. He uses various spells to his disposal to ensure that he remains undetected, and to see and target his enemies quick and easily, or if he gets caught in a narrow corner to quickly recover. He is a formidable opponent in close combat, tending to first find out his enemy's weaknesses before striking. He can change his combat style IN THE MIDDLE of battle extremely fast, switching between dual daggers, sword and dagger, bow, dual sword, etc. Faction/Role in Faction: Assasin / Mercenary.

Bio: (to be discovered through story? Didn't plan out a bio much. xd )


Name: Sasha, commonly reffered to as Sash. Nicknamed 'The Glass Cat'

Race: Khajit, Cathay

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Appearance: A Khajiti woman with light brown fur and sky blue eyes. Her glass armor is enchanted with major resistances to all sorts of magic.

Spells(Max 8): Muffle, Detect Life, Telekinesis, Paralyze, Close Wounds,  Bound Sword,

Powers(Racial + 1):An expert Sneak, Extremely agile and cunning, Night Vision

Equipment: Glass armor, Glass Boots, Glass Bracers, Black hood

Faction/Role in Faction: Mercenary / Kantar's cousin

Bio: To be discovered, but Sasha is quite known in the northern reaches of Cyrodiil and the west of Skyrim, including the Reach and Haafingar.