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    Thoughts on ESO?

    June 18, 2013 by Alduin's Bane

    Hey guys, I was wondering what other people's thoughts on Elder Scrolls: Online. I'm liking the lore, the layout, and the mass Tamrielic expansion (I've always wanted to go to High Rock and Hammerfell.). But the graphics and animations look somewhat bad. They remind me of Oblivion's animations, not bad, but compared to Skyrim's animations, like un-sheathing a weapon, in Skyrim it's nearly realistic if not already realistic, but in ESO it appears to seem kind of bad animations, like Oblivion, not saying that it's terrible, but it seems like they're taking a step backwards. The graphics are noticeably better than Oblivion, not great, but it looks like they still kept similar animations. Thoughts?

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    Lore: TEACH ME!!!

    October 27, 2012 by Alduin's Bane

    I'm working deeper into Skyrim modding, and I was wondering if anyone could either give me a brief tutorial on the Elder Scrolls series or a long story. I want to know EVERYTHING! I don't care about TESO Right now, but I want everything from in-game fact to non in-game facts, everything from the 1st era, 2nd era, 3rd era, 4th era, and before the 1st era. Everything. I want to understand the story-line better.

    What I learn will most likely be reflected in my work, check here if you want to see what I end up doing with the knowledge: DMCThunder999's Nexus Mods

    What I've Learned So Far:

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    Questions (Skyrim)

    August 21, 2012 by Alduin's Bane

    I have a few questions for you guys.

    Q: Does wildlife respawn or regenerate? Because I'm a hunter in the game, and i've killed nearly all wildlife in Skyrim.

    A: ?

    Q: I am having a MAJOR problem with my Skyrim for PC (I mainly play it on PS3, but have it on PC for modding.), The texture file is there, I was trying to extract and copy all original Skyrim texture and mesh files, i did so, but somehow, the game isn't linking to the texture file, when i start it up, all textures and animations are purple and pink, it has the generic shapes, but no textures. I really need help with this.

    A: Uninstall then Re-install. (Answer from Bethesda Tech Support)

    Q: Are there any really good quests to do, like side quests, that are really fun and have good trea…

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    Mod Help

    June 8, 2012 by Alduin's Bane

    NAME: Hero of Oblivion Palace (cool name, not paying much attention to lore)

    (I'm typing fast, lots will be mis-spelled) In a few weeks I will be creating a PC Mod that creates a castle just southwest of Whiterun. It will be a College of WInterhold exterior with an altered interior of dragonsreach w/ dwemer doors. I am creating merchents and lots of other cool perks, eventually quests involved with every characher and a secret underground dwemer site locked (the key will be hidden somewhere in the castle.), and probably have groups of Dwemer living underneath. Guards will be hostile, then once reaching closer to the dwemer palace, they will demand an explanation, and character will become an ally. There are a LOT of cool perks in this. Incl…

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    May 30, 2012 by Alduin's Bane

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