NAME: Hero of Oblivion Palace (cool name, not paying much attention to lore)

(I'm typing fast, lots will be mis-spelled) In a few weeks I will be creating a PC Mod that creates a castle just southwest of Whiterun. It will be a College of WInterhold exterior with an altered interior of dragonsreach w/ dwemer doors. I am creating merchents and lots of other cool perks, eventually quests involved with every characher and a secret underground dwemer site locked (the key will be hidden somewhere in the castle.), and probably have groups of Dwemer living underneath. Guards will be hostile, then once reaching closer to the dwemer palace, they will demand an explanation, and character will become an ally. There are a LOT of cool perks in this. Including at least 8 followers and 5 merchents, including a dwemer merchent underneath the castle. Also new spells will be incorporated into the game. ** I WOULD LIKE INPUT ON IDEAS FOR OTHER STUFF I COULD DO! **

Hero of Oblivion Palace

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