I have a few questions for you guys.

Q: Does wildlife respawn or regenerate? Because I'm a hunter in the game, and i've killed nearly all wildlife in Skyrim.

A: ?

Q: I am having a MAJOR problem with my Skyrim for PC (I mainly play it on PS3, but have it on PC for modding.), The texture file is there, I was trying to extract and copy all original Skyrim texture and mesh files, i did so, but somehow, the game isn't linking to the texture file, when i start it up, all textures and animations are purple and pink, it has the generic shapes, but no textures. I really need help with this.

A: Uninstall then Re-install. (Answer from Bethesda Tech Support)

Q: Are there any really good quests to do, like side quests, that are really fun and have good treasure or pay? (Have completed Civil War, College of Winterhold, and Companions on current character.)

(Other Quests Completed:

Hircine's Daedric Quest

Mythic Dawn Daedric Quest

Dragon Priest Quest

Wabbajack Quest

A whole number of others I just can't remember.)

A: ?

Q: Any cheats to quickly get archery skill up? I'm level 80 archer and i've chosen it as my main weapon.

A: ?

Thank You.

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