Well.... I pratically just copied and pasted info from a site which compiled the info from the new issue.... so here it is:

The current edition of the PlayStation Magazine has featured “The Elder Scrolls Skyrim” and has opened the door lots of new information regarding this much awaited title.

Here is a brief overview of all the points covered in this Skyrim Feature.

Dragons randomly appear in the gameworld, and encounters with them are completely unscripted. An injured dragon will not be able to fly, so you’ll get to fight them on your own turf.

Three new dragon shouts were revealed.

  • Yol Toor – Which allows you to Fire Breath
  • Iiz Slen – Calls down Ice Crystals
  • Strun Bah Qo – Brings forth a Lightning Storm
  • A shout to slow down time.
  • Whirlwind Spirit which allows you to quickly move in a particular direction.

Combat has been particularly improved too. Even torches can be used as a weapon now. Possible dual wield combinations were mentioned. Here they are.

  • 2 Weapons
  • Weapon and Shield
  • Weapon and Torch
  • Spell and Weapon
  • Spell and Spell
  • Two-handed Weapon

It was also mentioned that the developers at Bethesda were not particularly impressed with how “fake” some of the quests in Oblivion were and have decided to make those in Skyrim seem more real. The random quests that are going to be generated in the game were inspired by the radiant story-mechanism from Fall Out 3.

There will be 13 different types of ores available for your crafting purposes but unfortunately as a result hand to hand has now been removed.

Over 60,000 vocals have been recorded and Three New Factions (along with Dark Brotherhood) have been confirmed to be a part of the game. The stories told in these personal quest lines will be intertwined with those of the main game story line so the flow of the game is not broken.

  • The Thieves Guild
  • The College of Winter Hold (for Mages)
  • The Companions (for Warriors)

Every region in the game will have it’s own unique economy. A player can sabotage it in case he wishes to. This will directly affect the vendors and markets in that particular city for a time period.

All the cities will be patrolled by guards but the AI is much more improved now. “They’re no longer the omniscient killing machines they were in Oblivion” says the article. Also the bounties that can be incurred by a player will not carry on to other cities in the game.

Traveling around the world has been given a few options in Skyrim now. Horses are back and will be implemented with a much more natural system unlike the earlier game. Also the fast travel system will be available as an option. The fast travel system will be split into two types. One the good ole Morrowind style that will take you to all the primary settlements directly from the beginning of the game and the other is the Oblivion style that take you to locations only discovered by you already.

New screenshots from the game are available. You will have to buy the PlayStation magazine in order to a look at them.