As many of you know, I was really excited for the Elder scrolls online, the fact you could explore all of Tamriel and I really like the factions and, as you can guess from the profile picture, I support the daggerfall covenant.

However, I am less sure now, unless the price goes down, I will not be getting it! At the moment, you have to pay the price of a full game up front to get a 30 day free trial, then theres monthly subscription!

I wasn't expecting this to be free to play, but I was at least hoping it to be buy to play or subscription with less money up front! 

I can see why people are starting to say this will kill the series. If this game is a success, then they will concentrate on improving this game and less on the series. If this game fails, they will assume this series is dead. TES is my favourite franchise by far, I would hate to see this happen!

Fortunately, my friend, lucky bastard, got in to the beta twice, he says it's an amazing game that's more like an elder scrolls game then an MMO. It sounds brilliant, but as much as I like the series, I am not paying whats required to play what seems to be, a brilliant game!

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you think ESO will be succesful and the prices will drop, or do you think this will kill the series and we shouldn't even consider getting it? Drop your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for your time!

Alk'r Guardian