This blog is in response to zippertrains very valid arguments on his other blogs. I just thought I might do the same from the point of view of the legion. So here are some points I have heard and counter arguments for them.

'The Imperials tried to kill you'

I can't deny that, but what people are missing is that you weren't ment to be on that cart, you were just caught up in an Imperial ambush. Like when Lokir said 'Damn you Stormcloaks, Skyrim was fine until you came along, the empire was nice and lazy, if they hadn't been looking for you, I could have stolen that horse and been half way to Hammerfell'. This goes to show that sure, the Imperials tried to kill you, but if it wasn't for the stormcloaks, you wouldn't have been on that cart, Lokir would still be alive and, correct me if I'm wrong, the dragons wouldn't have returned because it was said that when a civil war breaks out, the dragons will return. You can't hate an empire for one angry female captain can you? (I bet you that captain was the reason for half the Stormcloak supporters)

'The emperor was wrong to sign the white-gold concordate'

Yes you could argue that, but I argue that the empire barely survived that war and worst would have happened if they did. From what I have heard, the effects of that treaty aren't going to last because after I completed the imperial questline, Legate Rikke was saying how soon everyone might have to take up arms, meaning that there may be another was with the Dominion. This sounds hopeful, but by rebelling against the legion and killing good soldiers that could be of use in the next war, your weakening the empires chance of survival and effectively weakening Skyrim. In a zombie apocalypse, you survive by sticking together right? Well killing eachother isn't solving anything is it?

I can't think of any more arguments to counter, so please drop some arguments or your own opinion in the comments and I hope to make a part 2 soon, thanks for reading!

Alk'r Guardian