Alpha Wolf-87

aka Joseph Wilson

  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on July 16
  • I am Male
  • Alpha Wolf-87

    On my way to Bleak Falls Barrow to do the quest and retrieve The Golden Claw I stumbled upon a small little tower guarded by three bandits. I thought to myself, "I'm an Orc warrior and nobody can best an Orc." So I charged in with sword and shield drawn. I close on the bandit leaning against the tree and run him through before he can draw his blade. I start thinking, "Nice," but I know there are more enemies around so I run towards the tower and hear, "Don't come any closer. I'm warning you." At this time I run this female bandit through before she draws her bow. I proceed up the stairs for the final opponent to find a fellow Orc warrior atop the stairs. I run up the stairs and run him through just as he draws his Iron Warhammer.

    Ok so some…

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  • Alpha Wolf-87

    Marital problems

    December 17, 2011 by Alpha Wolf-87

    My female Imperial mage married Marcurio and everything appeared to be going fine. Until we stumbled upon an abandoned shack along the river. Inside the shack was a sleeping bear and I decided to fire a fireball into the shack from across the river. The bear proceded to run all over the place at an extreamely fast pace. So I crossed the river to get the bear to come back and proceded to shoot it with Ice Storm. The bear continued it's assault of me and as I was about to die I looked around for Marcurio wondering why I hadn't seen him fireing off lightning spells. To my surprise he was headed up the hill and down the road. I had to laugh at this because it appeared that he was happy his wife was about to die and was headed back to town to …

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