The story

On my way to Bleak Falls Barrow to do the quest and retrieve The Golden Claw I stumbled upon a small little tower guarded by three bandits. I thought to myself, "I'm an Orc warrior and nobody can best an Orc." So I charged in with sword and shield drawn. I close on the bandit leaning against the tree and run him through before he can draw his blade. I start thinking, "Nice," but I know there are more enemies around so I run towards the tower and hear, "Don't come any closer. I'm warning you." At this time I run this female bandit through before she draws her bow. I proceed up the stairs for the final opponent to find a fellow Orc warrior atop the stairs. I run up the stairs and run him through just as he draws his Iron Warhammer.


Ok so some of you may be a bit confused by my tale of the Silent Kill so I'll explain a few things.

  1. I am wearing full Wolf Armor upgraded to exquisite.
  2. I was wielding a Skyforge Steel Sword and a Dwarven Shield both upgraded to exquisite.
  3. I did not sprint but did run at all of the bandits.
  4. When I say I ran them through I mean the cutscene of you running a sword into there stomach.

With these facts you can now understand why it is unbelievable that none of the other bandits heard me as I killed the one before them. Has this or anything like it happened for you?