Ok, So Yesterday, I was Playing Skyrim <3 , and I was doing the " Eye of Magnus " quest, I got to this part where there were 3 Soul Gems Shooting Really powerful Fireballs at me so I Restored Health. Then Suddenly, I realized that You can get Easy Restoration Skill, by Simply Having the "Equilibrium Spell" Which Is Alternation I think, That takes HP and turns them Into Magicka. So What you need to do, is Take the " Healing Spell " on one hand, and On the Other Hand, Use " Equilibruim Spell " This way, you will Lose health and you can Use Healing to Restore Health Which gives you Restoration Skills, Obviously. Hope it was Usefull, Its my First Blog on Elder Scrolls Wiki so I'm no Expert. Aye, any Questions, message me. :)