• Anchovy93

    Favorite location?

    April 17, 2012 by Anchovy93

    So of all the places in the Elder Scrolls universe, which is your favorite?

    This can be anywhere, whether we've seen it in game or not.

    Which place would you love to see in a game?

    I'd personally love to see Azura's plane of Oblivion, Moonshadow, or Hermaeus Mora's plane!

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  • Anchovy93

    TES Online Discussion

    March 31, 2012 by Anchovy93

    So it seems as if we will be getting a TES MMO after all!

    I personally have never been too excited at the prospect of one, as I believe TES is an amazing single player experience and I don't want it marred by shoddy multiplayer features...

    BUT, apparently Bethesda will be working closely within our community when it comes time to undergo beta testing, so I can't say I'm not absolutely STOKED to help out on a Bethesda game, and I'm sure we can all offer quite a bit to help keep the game on track and faithful to the spirit of TES.

    So what are your expectations for the game?

    Any features you would like to see?

    Where would you like to see the game take place?

    And anything else, I want to hear your opinions!

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  • Anchovy93

    Favorite Outfits

    March 13, 2012 by Anchovy93

    When I roam the great expanse that is Skyrim, I love for my character to look good. And since Bethesda actually made a playable 3rd person camera this go around, its more rewarding than ever to have a good looking avatar.

    So I was just wondering, what's your favorite gear?

    I love to dash across the wilderness with Ebony Mail, daedric gauntlets and daedric boots, and the Dragon Mask Nahkriin.

    I jump into battle with two daedric longswords, and slice everything with sheer, steaming deathmist style.

    Mjoll, my wife, is also decked out in full Daedric, along with a Daedric Greatsword, and a hood, rather than a helmet, so she still has beaty while keeping a very menacing look.

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