Skyrim Week 4:

Been wandering around Skyrim for a nearly 4 weeks now.  Had to go back into Bleak Barrows Fall to get that golden claw thingy from the geyser what got munched by the spiders.  He was dead and hiding right in amongst the cobwebs in the same chamber where the spider copped it.   Bit puzzled how the spider got him ‘coz I dun in the spider before I cut the other bloke down from the cobweb.  Still, it’s only a game, eh?  And you don’t get many dragons around my neck of the woods, unless you include the miserable old gits next door.

During me travels I’ve collected over two thousand baskets and they’re all in me cellar in Riften.  Trouble is, me poor old PS3 ain’t up to the job and everything gets juddery when I dives into the swimming pool of baskets ‘coz the floor’s totally disappeared.  Bethesda has kinda overlooked us crazy buggers who do really dumb things just to see what ‘appens.  So my next mission is to see exactly how many baskets I’ve got down in me cellar.

Since the average PS3 is actually a pile of poo compared to a PC wot is actually a real computer I’ve decided to upgrade to Elder Scrolls Skyrim PC version.  The only limit on the number of baskets I can collect then is the size of me memory.  However, me laptop’s only got up to 8GB RAM (8,000,000,000 x 8 bits) which means I got 64,000,000,000 bits of electric wizzing round inside me computer.  I think it’s on the verge of either ‘aving a nervous breakdown or it’s developing it’s own intelligence which’ll be a right bugger ‘coz it’ll be cleverer than us lot of humans put together.

I got one of them Boo thingies when I looked at some wall in a cave.  Really good in me basement ‘coz I can Boo at me baskets in the cellar and then it rains baskets.   But me PS3's crap really so next Booing session’s gonna be on me laptop to see if I can blast me baskets clean through the walls.