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    Hey everyone! I just had a good idea. What if you could create your own Daedric Prince? Pretty cool huh? Well leave the name, sphere of influence, artifact, and any other information in the form of a comment! This is just a way to better get to know other wikia contributors and a good way to waste time if you have too much. Hope someone reads this!


    1. No ultimate power or king of the daedra or anything like that.

    2. No ripping off movies, tv, books, anime, or anything like that.

    3. No insulting or negative critisism.

    4. Have fun!

    5. Think with portals.

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  • AnimaSwordking
    Anima's Daedric Chart
    Prince Sphere Artifact Azura Dusk and Dawn Azura's Star
    Boethia Battle Goldbrand
    Clavicus Vile Deals Masque of Clavicus Vile
    Hermaus Mora Forbidden Knowledge Oghma Infinium
    Hircine The Hunt Saviors Hide
    Jyggalag Order None Known
    Malacath The Shunned and Unwanted Volendrung
    Merhunes Dagon Destruction Merhunes Razor
    Meridia Light and Life Dawnbreaker
    Molag Bal Dominance Mace of Molag Bal
    Namira Darkness Ring of Namira
    Nocturnal Shadows and Theft Skeleton Key
    Peryite Tasks and Plague Spellbreaker
    Sanguine Debauchery Sanguine Rose
    Sheogorath Madness Wabbajack
    Vaermina Dreams Skull of Corruption

    This was generated based on what I know and could remember from TES games.

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    Haven't been doing much. Still waiting to get Skyrim :( plus I can't play Oblivion since I don't have an Xbox and my old one ruined the disc D: Just doing this to try and integrate into the Elder Scrolls Wiki community. Also: Shawn if you read this then: Hello Shawn!

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